The Scalp Regeneration Method

Most hair loss is caused by inflammation in the scalp, which causes 'fibrosis' (or scarring) of the hair follicles. Once your scalp tissue has become scarred your hair will never grow back, because the follicles are too damaged. The only way to make your hair grow back is to gently break down the scarred tissue and generate new healthy tissue and entirely new hair follicles. That is exactly what the Scalp Regeneration Method does.

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The Scalp Regeneration Method

What causes hair loss?

Hormones cause scalp inflammation

Some individuals are genetically predisposed to higher levels of the hormones that cause inflammation in the scalp and have more of the receptors in the hair follicles that bind with the hormones that cause hair loss.

Scalp inflammation causes scarring

The scalp becomes inflammed, which causes the hair follicles to become scarred. This is what causes bald men to have tight, shiny scalps. As more scarring (fibrosis) occurs, hairs gradually miniaturize until they stop growing altogether.

How I solve the problem

Gently break down the old fibrotic scalp tissue

Once your scalp has become fibrotic, the hair will never grow again. It will only get worse. So we have to break down that old fibrotic tissue and generate new healthy tissue.

Generate brand new, healthy tissue and hair follices

After we gently break down the scarred scalp tissue using a Dermaroller, your skin will naturally generate new tissue in order to heal. At this point we'll introduce 'growth factors' to your scalp to encourage the generation of new hair. This is called 'hair follicle neogenesis'.

Intensely nourish the new hair follicles

Next we'll consume a special combination of nutrients that have been clearly shown in research to intensely nourish the hair and skin, significantly increasing hair growth. We'll use a special technique to flush the nutrients to your scalp, filling your scalp's blood vessels with the hair growth nutrients, where they'll go to work healing your scalp and growing new hair.

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