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Biotin Smoothie for Healthy Hair Growth

Winter causes a lot of problems with your hair. Not only because of the weather but the low temperatures can be damaging to your hair. This biotin smoothie will help keep your hair healthy over the cold season while providing it with the nutrients that your hair needs. You’ll need: 1 Large Banana 
 1 […]

Make Your Own Biotin Smoothie for Healthier Hair

Biotin is a vitamin with promotes hair growth and helps improve the metabolism of your protein. In order to prevent the necessity to take supplements, some research was done into the foods that are high in biotin: Swiss Chard
Sunflower Seeds 
Coconut water All of these ingredients contain a lot of biotin […]

Best Foods to BLOCK DHT and Help Stop Hair Loss Today we will go over some of the foods that block DHT, which is proven to be a major cause of hair loss. The foods are split into 3 different groups. Foods that are high in Zinc, foods that are high in Biotin, and foods that are high in Phytosterols. Zinc is a mineral […]

Avocado Oil for Hair Growth

Avocado oil contains high amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids (also known as omega-3 and omega-6 acids), suggesting it would be a good candidate for combating hair loss and increasing hair density. (Dreher & Davenport) Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids have been shown to reduce hair loss and increase hair diameter and density (Floc’h et al., […]

The 15 Best Foods for Healthy Hair Growth

What follows is a list of “superfoods” that contain high levels of nutrients that benefit hair health and may help hair growth. If you read you’ll see many articles explaining how different nutrients, including biotin, amino acids, iron and branch chain amino acids, support hair growth in specific, proven ways. So this isn’t just […]

Top 20 Best Whole Food Superfoods: The Ultimate Guide

Nature may be the best medicine when it comes to both prevention and cure. You might be surprised by the healing power of the foods you probably see every day at the supermarket, but simply don’t consume regularly. This list has been put together to help you identify the superfoods your body needs most (if […]

Can B12 deficiency cause hair loss?

From a chemical and structural standpoint, B12 (cobalamin) is the largest and most complicated vitamin that neither animals, nor plants can synthesize by themselves. It is found in a number of raw foods as a consequence of natural bacterial symbiosis, and is produced industrially through bacterial fermentation. The B12 complex also contains cobalt, a very […]

Top 10 Vegetables Highest in Iron

You may not realize this but iron deficiency is a cause of hair loss. Although it’s not as common a cause as DHT or stress, it is worth making sure you are not experiencing hair loss caused by an iron deficiency. The easiest and healthiest way to do this is to eat lots of vegetables […]

Top 5 Benefits of Quercetin

Quercetin is a flavonoid – a compound that naturally occurs in many fruits and vegetables. It is of particular interest due to the positive effects it has on human health. It can act as a natural anti-inflammatory, it has anti cancerous properties and has many more benefits. To give you some context, one large red […]

The Ten Foods Highest in B Vitamins

B vitamins are key for hair and skin health. They are also key for stress recovery and exercise recovery. Intense exercise and high stress levels drains the body of B vitamins, which is likely to be partly why stress causes hair loss. By following a diet high in B vitamins you can help feed your […]

What Role Does Biotin Play in Hair Growth?

Biotin is required for cellular growth. Healthy cellular growth is needed for hair growth and healthy skin appearance Biotin is required for the production of amino acids — amino acids are key to hair growth Biotin supplementation has be shown to increase hair growth and restore hair color Read on to see how you can […]

7 Vegetables that are High in Vitamin C

We often look to orange juice and other fruits for vitamin C. But fruits are high in sugar, which may cause health problems. The ideal way to maintain or increase vitamin C levels is by consuming vegetables high in vitamin C. So lets take a look at the top vegetables for vitamin C content. Here […]

20 Vegetarian & Vegan Foods High in Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a vitamin usually associated meat. It is a vitamin that helps to make your nerve cells and red blood cells healthy. It plays a role in making DNA and it’s a vitamin that helps your brain to function. If you are vegetarian, it is possible to substitute meats with dairy products like […]

Can Following a Vegetarian Diet Cause Hair Loss?

Hair is made of keratin. Keratin is a form of protein. It needs several key amino acids in order to grow. There are several key amino acids that can actually make your hair grow thicker, faster and shinier. Amino acids are most commonly found in meat. Therein lies the origin of the myth that vegetarianism […]

The key amino acids for hair growth and stopping hair loss

Hair is made primarily of a protein called keratin. Hair keratin is formed from 16 amino acids, which become ‘keratinized’ (they form keratin) in the scalp, before hair emerges from the scalps surface. Your hair needs amino acids to be sent to the scalp to form keratin and grow hair. So you might assume that […]

7 B-vitamin Rich Superfoods That Are Under a Dollar

You’ve probably heard the term “superfood,” but might not know exactly what it is. There’s no official definition, but generally speaking, it refers to a very nutrient-dense food. Superfoods provide maximum nutrition for the calories they contain. B vitamins are sometimes known as the “Happy Vitamin”. Besides elevating your energy levels and your mood, they […]

The 20 Best Organic Green Superfood Powder Drinks in the World

Powdered green drinks are mixtures of dried vegetables, herbs and fruits. Good quality, organic ones like the ones on this page are extremely good for your health.