Cortisol Blocker Supplements: How to Lower Cortisol Hormone Levels

The more I learn about cortisol, the more convinced I become that reducing your cortisol levels is an extremely effective way of improving your life – whether your goal is to increase hair growth, improve your body, increase your confidence levels, or just be happier; reducing your cortisol hormone levels seems key to achieving these […]

The more I learn about cortisol, the more convinced I become that reducing your cortisol levels is an extremely effective way of improving your life – whether your goal is to increase hair growth, improve your body, increase your confidence levels, or just be happier; reducing your cortisol hormone levels seems key to achieving these things. With that goal in mind I’ve scoured the web for every supplement I could find that contains ingredients specifically chosen and combined with the goal of reducing cortisol and stress levels.

  • Cortisol Control supplement

    Cortisol Control


    Irritation and excessive snacking are two symptoms which indicate high cortisol levels in the body and tackling these is the objective of Cortisol Control. Through its ingredients, this supplement builds up inherent resistance towards stress and curbs the temptation to indulge. By aiding in concentration, it enables the user to suppress irritation too. Ideal dosage calls for consuming 1 capsule thrice a day.


  • Relacore stress reduction reduce cortisol supplement


    $29.99 for one box, $58.99 for 3 boxes; each box contains 72 capsules

    Meant to bring about weight loss, the principle action of this capsule is aimed towards reducing the production of cortisol which is produced as a result of stress. Since the root cause of stress has been found to be anxiety, Relacore works by elevating the mood and energizing the user so that worries at kept at bay and production of stress-related hormone cortisol is minimized.


  • Cortislim cortisol blocker supplement


    Ranges between $20 and $40 for 180 tablets

    Increased stress leads to a rise in cortisol levels within the body which in turn causes fat to accumulate and blood sugar to shoot up. Consuming 1-2 tablets of Cortislim with meals results in its ingredient, Magnolia Bark, to reduce anxiety levels and thus control levels of cortisol within the body. Care should be taken to ensure that intake does not exceed 6 Cortislim tablets during any given day.


  • Cortidrene stress reduction supplement


    60 capsules for $38.99

    Developed by Wellspring Laboratories, it is a herbal supplement which claims to control cortisol levels by speeding up of metabolism and suppression of appetite. Modus operandi entails intake of 1-2 capsules 15 minutes prior to your meal twice a day.


  • Cortifit cortisol control formula


    $23.98 per bottle; 120 capsules per bottle

    Presence of time-tested appetite suppressants implies that it is effective as a weight loss product but its primary function is that of controlling levels of cortisol in the body. This objective is achieved through the action of multiple natural stimulants that feature on its list of ingredients.


  • LeanXtreme


    Ingredients used for manufacturing this product have been chosen owing to their ability to control cortisol as also its related problems like thyroid and gradual breakdown of muscle tissue. To enjoy its benefits, users must consume one capsule first thing in the morning after having woken up and follow it up with another one after four hours. Dosage should not exceed more than four times on any given day and a single course must not go beyond 8 weeks at a stretch.


  • Humanofort cortisol blocker



    It is basically formulated to regulate the function of adrenal gland so that beneficial hormones are produced in greater quantities while that of others like cortisol is controlled. Since it is made up of naturally occurring substances, there is no introduction of new or foreign element into the body and users are recommended to consume 4 tablets of 50 mg each before going to bed at night.


  • LeanFX cortisol blocker



    Lean FX works by lowering cortisol levels and controlling them by providing nourishment to the adrenal gland and protecting lean muscle at the same time. Consuming 1-3 pills daily spread over several doses throughout the day is likely to fetch good results and it need not be complemented by meals.


  • Cortibol cortisol blocker



    Given that stress is often caused by external factors and takes over the mind followed by the adrenal gland, this supplement is meant to bolster the system so that it is resilient enough to combat such forces and prevent formation of cortisol.


  • How does cortisol cause hair loss?

    Cortisol is one of the most important hormones in the human body. It is produced by a part of the adrenal glands (a pair of glands situated above the kidneys) that regulates stress response. Therefore, cortisol levels are closely entwined with stress and influence the way you behave under pressure. Cortisol is also released in response to low blood glucose (hypoglycemia), which occurs when there is not enough sugar in your blood to fuel body processes.

    Adrenal fatigue and hair loss

    Given the hectic lifestyles and tight schedules we are confronted with in the modern day, adrenal insufficiency (fatigue) is a common problem among working individuals. Since the adrenals also produce considerable amounts of cortisol, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, hormone imbalances are possible should these glands ever fail to work at their full potential. The hair shaft will then be (literally) starved as it will not receive the protein and minerals required for healthy hair growth. Women also need small quantities of testosterone, and hair loss is one of the most frequent consequences of testosterone underproduction.
    Adrenal fatigue is caused by prolonged stress – e.g. problems in the workplace, daily traffic jams, bereavement, personal concerns etc. Avoid this by leading a healthy lifestyle and eliminating the sources of stress in your life.

    Cortisol, insulin and hair loss

    Cortisol is an insulin antagonist, meaning that cortisol levels are low when insulin is high and vice versa. As research has linked high insulin to hair loss, low cortisol (due to adrenal fatigue or any other causes) will spike insulin, causing hair loss, dryness and brittleness. This is also the reason why so many people develop stress-induced type II diabetes, even if the condition doesn’t run in their families.

    Cortisol, hypothyroidism and hair loss

    The thyroid needs cortisol to carry out essential tasks to keep you in good mental and physical shape. Prolonged adrenal fatigue is known to trigger hypothyroid symptoms that can be temporary or develop into hypothyroidism itself, usually depending on the subsequent lifestyle choices you make. Many illnesses are likely to be reversed in their early stages given the proper lifestyle adjustments.

    Conclusion and advice

    Opt for a full set of blood tests and ask your doctor to help you rule out any other hormonal problems that may lead to hair loss. Don’t avoid stress but instead try to find new ways to relax in stressful situations. Find distractions and different approaches to such issues – if you can’t change it, you can at least put up with it in a fun way, such as singing while stuck in traffic or distract yourself reading a good book before that important exam.
    Never take any supplements unless advised by a doctor or adjust your dosage without their permission. Eat plenty of vegetables, adjust your sleeping patterns, exercise regularly and you will notice improvements within a few weeks – not just with hair growth, but also in your overall well-being.