Am I Going Bald? How to Know if You're Going Bald

Am I Going Bald? How to Know if You’re Going Bald

Am i going bald

If you think you’re going bald there are a few easy tests you can use to find out for sure. It’s really important you find out as early as possible because the sooner you know, the more effective any treatment you use will be. If you treat the hair loss quickly you could recover your hair very quickly. If you leave it too late it will be more difficult.

First off, log in to your Facebook and go into your photo albums or find an old photo of yourself — ideally from when you were a teenager. You’re going to use this photo to judge how much hair you’ve lost.

1. How to check if your hair is thinning at the front

Take a good look at a photo of yourself as a teenager. Examine the density of the front of your hair in the photo. How does it look? Now try to style your hair in the same way as it is in one of your old photos. You may have a different length hair now but try to style your hair in the same direction.

Does it look the same? Do you notice a significant difference? Is your hair less full now?

You may notice that you simply can’t style it how it was in your old photo because your hair is too thin.

Wet your hair

Next, soak your hair in water and brush it back with your hand. Can you see your scalp through your hair? How far can you see through your hair to your scalp? If it’s more than an inch you are almost certainly going bald. However, some people naturally have fine hair, so it’s possible your hair was always thin and you’re not actually going bald. Can you remember being able to see more than an inch through your hair to your scalp?

Most people who are going bald at the front will be able to see their scalp about an inch back (or more) through their hair line.

Am i going bald

In the image on the left you can see about half an inch of scalp through her hair. However I would say her hair is not thinning and she naturally has fine hair. This doesn’t mean she’s going to lose her hair.

In the image on the right you can see the scalp through the hair for over an inch back. He is going bald and has been for some time.

How to know if your hair is receding

This is very easy for most people. Most children have low hair lines, with no natural recession at the temples. Therefore if you notice any recession it’s likely your hairline has started receding. This can start at a very young age — as early as your early teens and is common. In fact you may not notice your hairline has receded for many years and because it happens so gradually it could recede several inches back before you start to question whether it’s always been like that.

To check if your hairline has receded observe the Norwood Scale below and match your current hair line to one of the images in the scale:

Trick to stop male pattern baldness

Now observe a photo of yourself as a child. Has your hair line receded?

How to know if your hair is thinning at the crown

This is the hardest area to check. In fact it’s unlikely you’ll notice a thinning crown until it’s very thin. Fortunately it’s also the easiest part of the hair to regrow — with treatments like Minoxidil being most effective on the crown.

Because the crown is where a lot of people’s hair is parted, it can look thin because the hair is spread in every direction away from the crown. However, it shouldn’t look noticeably thin if you’re not starting to go bald.

Therefore, if you notice your hair starting to appear thin on your crown it’s likely you are starting to go bald.

Use a camera flash

Take a photo of your crown using your phone or a camera with the flash on. This will reveal how thin your hair is.

How to reverse hair loss

There are many products and treatments you can use to reverse hair loss.

Regrow thin hair

Hair growth smoothie

If your hair is thinning all over I’d recommend using my hair growth smoothie, which contains a hormone balancing formula, all the vitamins your hair needs to grow and a special combination of amino acids that help your body grow new hair keratin.

Check out my full guide on how to stop hair loss and regrow your hair naturally.

Reverse a receding hair line

IGF-1 for hair loss

A receding hair line is almost certainly caused by DHT, the male hormone which causes male pattern baldness. However it can also effect a woman’s hair line.

Check out my guide on reversing hair loss caused by DHT and my guide on reversing a receding hair line.

Reverse a thinning crown

Reservage Organic Keratin Booster and DHT Blocker

Since a thinning crown is the easiest area of hair loss to reverse you could start by using a Minoxidil product twice a day. This alone could work. But you need a really good product.

Check out my list of the world’s best topical hair loss treatments.

I’d also recommend using a natural DHT blocker supplement to reduce your blood DHT levels and supplement your body with nutrients that support hair growth. Also checkout this list of topical DHT blockers to reduce scalp DHT.

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