The Dermaroller for Hair Loss

The Dermaroller is a plastic roller about 3 cm wide, which is covered in metal needles of about 2-3 mm in length. It is used by rolling the needles over the skin, gently puncturing the outer layers of skin. It is marketed as a device for improving the condition of the skin — healing scars, stretch marks and other skin conditions.

However, having studied and tested this product I have found it to be an excellent weapon in the fight against hair loss. The theory behind the Dermaroller is absolutely in sync with my theories on hair loss and hair growth.

The Dermaroller works by causing very minor damage to the skin (puncturing the skin with the tiny needles). This encourages the skin to regenerate and heal, where it would otherwise not do so.

The Dermaroller for Hair Loss/Hair Growth

Because the Dermaroller stimulates regeneration in the areas it is applied to, it can also work to stimulate hair re-growth (in places where hair loss has occurred). Stimulating blood circulation is a proven way of stopping hair loss and encouraging hair growth because it increases the supply if raw materials to the hair, thus encouraging increased growth.

Increased blood circulation in the scalp may also help reduce DHT levels in the scalp because the increased blood flow may help remove more DHT from the hair papilla –providing there is less DHT in the blood than there is in the papilla it travels to and from.

Would I recommend the Dermaroller for treating Hair Loss?

Absolutely. If you follow my views on how to stop hair loss and encourage hair growth you’ll know that the Dermaroller can be used to improve on the methods I outline in the circulation section of my hair loss eBook.

Causing minor short term damage to the scalp is an excellent way of encouraging scalp regeneration. The trick is to make sure that the regeneration involves hair regrowth — to do that you need to make sure your scalp is in ‘hair growth mode’ and not ‘hair loss mode’, as I put it in my book.

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6 thoughts on “The Dermaroller for Hair Loss: Does it Work?”

  1. Hello. My name is Steve Cook. I have more than 25 years experience in all facets of hair restoration. I have experienced 14 hair transplantation surgeries and worn wigs for years. I work with the number one doctor in the world in acheiving hair density for his patient’s hair restoration. His name is Dr Brett Bolton in Ft Lauderdale. I have never seen this technique before in my life and I thought I have seen it all! Can I get more information on it?

    1. Hi Gil,

      Yes all these things can help with hair loss.

      Beware of the side effects of Fo-ti though.

      And if you are taking it, cycle your consumption with a month off for every 3 months on.


    1. Hi Anil,

      Yes the Dermaroller can be used to stimulate hair growth, if used in the right way. In Edition 2 of my eBook I provide advice on how the Dermaroller can be used in combination with a special formula that feeds the hair. By mildly damaging the scalp with the Dermaroller to encourage blood circulation in the outer capillaries and feeding the hair with my special formula it’s possible to reactivate dormant hair follicles quite quickly.


  2. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Kindly tell me which formula u r use and How ? for this treatment
    and hw can i contact u? and how much it is costly?

    Please give me sugeestion.

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