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Dry Brittle Hair Female Hair Loss

The past few years my hair is very thin just above my forehead. My scalp is showing. The rest of hair is still pretty thick. What can I do to regrow my hair? I do not take prescription meds and eat a healthy diet. As a female with thin hair on the top of head it is very upsetting!

It is fairly common for women to start noticing their hair becoming dry, brittle and getting lots of split ends.

This is often an early sign that the hair is experiencing a major problem, that won’t just stop here. A reduction in hair quality might simply be a result of regular dying or heat treatments, but if you’re not dying or heat treating your hair and it starts getting dry and brittle there’s a good chance you’re on the road to hair loss.

Hair loss is usually a very slow process. It usually starts with the hair becoming dryer and brittle. This stage may last for several years before hair loss becomes noticeable. It’s hugely important to combat the problem as early as possible if you want to stop it before it gets bad.

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6 thoughts on “Is your hair dry and brittle? You might be experiencing the early stages of female hair loss”

  1. hi my hair became very dry as I color my hair.There is a noticeable hair loss from last 2 years. And I thought the hair will regrow but i never saw any growth till now.

    does the dryness causes permanent hair loss?or my hair will regrow after certain time????

  2. I never write a comment before,this is my first time. I like your arctical. It is very deail and very helpful. Thanks.

  3. hi i am arshad i am just 17 years old i was using ‘SET WET’ hair gel since last 3 years now my hair is dried up my hair lost shinyness i lost my hair in the front portion .can i use hair gels or not

    1. Hi arshad,

      Hair becoming weak, brittle and dry is a clear sign that the hair follicles are not receiving a sufficient nutrient supply via the bloodstream. I’ve sent over an email to you with some details on what you can do to reverse the cause of this problem.

      All the best,

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