Your hair is starving. It’s starving because it is not receiving an adequate supply of nutrients. And as a result it’s quite literally dying.

It’s really important that you understand what you’re about to read, if you want to regrow your hair.

Increase blood circulation in scalp

Every hair on a healthy scalp is connected to a blood vessel. This is how it receives nutrients and grows. However hair loss sufferers have an extremely weak supply of blood to their hair follicles. In fact it’s so weak that some of the hairs can become completely parted from the blood vessels. And in the end they stop growing altogether.

The result is that the hair literally starves to death through malnourishment.

Use this powerful hair growth technique to intensely feed and regrow your hair…

I’ve developed a technique that triggers your body to send massive amounts of nutrients to your hair. Every night before bed you perform this simple technique. It takes just two minutes.

For the following 24 hours after you have performed the technique, your body will be triggered to send massive amounts of blood to your scalp. The blood contains the nutrients your hair needs to grow.

The technique tricks your body into thinking that it needs to send blood to the hair on your scalp. It’s a perfectly safe technique and is actually very good for you. It takes literally minutes but the result is incredible…

Before and after ebook review

How to make the custom hair growth tonic

After I perform the technique I massage a hair growth tonic into my scalp. This hair growth tonic is astonishing. It contains just 5 potent ingredients that do 5 very important things:

  1. Feeds your hair follicles with proteins used to grow hair
  2. Protects your hair follicles from DHT (a hormone that kills hair)
  3. Further increases blood circulation in the scalp
  4. Increases collagen in the skin
  5. Protects the scalp from bacterial invasion

So every night before bed I perform the technique and then massage the hair growth tonic into my scalp.

So every night my hair is being fed by the hair growth tonic and the blood circulation in my scalp is nourishing my hair.

‘Amino Acids’ — the key to hair growth

Increase nutrient supply to hair

Did you know that hair is made up almost entirely of something called amino acids? Predominantly, it is made of an amino acid called cysteine.

In the eBook linked from below I detail the exact composition of hair and exactly what nutrients you need to eat to feed your hair.

By eating the foods I list in the quantities I detail in the eBook, you will learn how to feed your body with the exact nutrients that are needed to grow more hair.

So now we’re achieving two things. Firstly we’re increasing blood flow to the scalp. Secondly we’re consuming the exact nutrients used to grow hair, which will be taken to the hair via the bloodstream.

Don’t waste any more time

Every day your hairs are becoming more and more malnourished and some are even becoming dormant. You must act quickly if you want to save them and start reactivating hairs that have become dormant.