Nitric Oxide Stimulates Hair Growth: Here's How -

Nitric Oxide Stimulates Hair Growth: Here's How

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, which means it dilates the blood vessels, enabling a larger supply of blood to flow. This is clearly extremely important for hair growth because in order for hair to grow it needs to receive the building blocks of keratin via the blood vessels. So let’s see how it works…

By increasing nitric oxide in the scalp, the blood vessels dilate, causing a greater supply of blood to flow to the hair. This is similar to how Minoxidil works. And the study below discovered that topically applied nitric oxide gel caused an increase in hair count in the scalp:

Preclinical studies showed the Nitric Oxide (NO) gel significantly promoted hair follicle formation and growth in both rat and mouse models. The NO gel induced major physiological, developmental, and structural changes in the skin of mammals to increase the number of hair follicles, follicle stem cell development and regeneration as well as hair shaft elongation, and accelerated hair growth rate. Based on our animal model findings, the investigators hypothesize that the nitric oxide releasing gel could be used as a medical treatment for hair growth in humans. The objective of this trial is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of this NO gel (XN-001), in comparison with a placebo gel in subjects in a 24-week treatment schedule.
From Clinical Trials

Nitric oxide for hair loss increasing hair growth
If you’ve ever used a pre-workout drink that contains a lot of citrulline or arginine (like the ones pictured) you’re probably know how it feels when your blood vessels become dilated by increased blood nitric oxide. The blood vessels at the surface of your skin are very small. When they become dilated your skin might feel itchy and hot.

Intensely nourish the hair

We know there are a few different nutrients that have been shown in studies to increase hair growth — for example cysteine, lysine and taurine. Now, imagine how beneficial it would be for the health of your scalp and hair if you mega dosed those hair growth vitamins and then used nitric oxide gel to get the blood pumping in your scalp, bringing those hair growth nutrients to your hair.
I believe this is also extremely beneficial for your mental health, memory, cognitive function and perhaps even prevention of Alzheimer’s:

Numerous rodent studies have reported increased hippocampal neurogenesis accompanying frequent aerobic exercise (Clark et al., 2011, Creer et al., 2010, van Praag et al., 1999a, van Praag et al., 1999b, van Praag et al., 2005) and increased hippocampal cerebral blood volume, as a distant proxy marker of neurogenesis, correlates with better memory outcomes in human adults (Pereira et al. 2007)

How do you increase nitric oxide in the scalp?

In the study cited at the top of this page the researchers used sodium nitrite (14.6mM) in distilled water with hydroxyethylcellulose (molecular weight 50,000-1,250,000) added for gel formation. They additionally used a second bottle containing Releasing-stimulator gel: a solution of maleic acid (14.6mM) and ascorbic acid (14.6mM) in distilled water with hydroxyethylcellulose added for gel formation.