Pumpkin Seed Oil for Hair Growth & Hair Loss Prevention

Pumpkin seed oil has been proven scientifically to improve the hair count and prevent hair loss while increasing hair thickness. This article will discuss the scientific studies and show exactly how pumpkin seed oil can be effective for hair growth.

Pumpkin seed oil
The most common form of hair loss is Andogenic Alopecia (AGA). This is hair loss caused by the hormone DHT. According to various scientific studies, AGA affects approximately 70% of men in their later life particularly after the age of 50 years. However I would estimate it to be a far greater number and a much lower age. Androgens and genetic factors primarily underline the pathogenesis of Androgenic alopecia (Semalty, Semalty, Joshi, & Rawat, 2011). The hair follicles spend less time in their active growth phase and gradually ‘miniaturize’ over a period of years.
AGA usually effects the temples first and continuous through time to effect all of the top of the scalp. Eventually, this leads to complete loss of the hair on the top of the scalp, while the back and sides may remain fairly normal.

What anti hair loss properties does pumpkin seed oil have?

Pumpkin seed oil is obtained by pressing hulled pumpkin seeds, which are a rich source of essential fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals. Along with being a delicious plant, pumpkin is also recognized as having medicinal properties, including anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic.

Studies have shown pumpkin seed oil is effective in battling hair loss

A clinical study was carried out that investigated the efficiency of pumpkin seed oil for the treatment of hair loss and AGA in particular. The study was conducted in a randomized manner during a 24-week period (Cho, Lee, Jeong, & Choi, 2014). The study included 76 male subjects suffering with moderate AGA. The study evaluated the effects using a process called phototrichography, which helps us analyse changes in hair including hair diameters and hair counts. The analysis was performed before starting the trial and again at the end. The results revealed that pumpkin seed oil treatment increased hair count in several of the study participants.
Pumpkin seed oil offers a natural and safe way for preventing hair loss. It also has a long list of other health benefits and no unwanted side effects.

How does pumpkin seed oil prevent/reduce hair loss?

There are number of components present in pumpkin seed oil that can assist in hair loss prevention.

Phytosterol beta-sitosterol

It contains phytosterol beta-sitosterol which lessens damage caused to the hair by the DHT by preventing the conversion of testosterone to DHT (Semalty, Semalty, Joshi, & Rawat, 2011).


Pumpkin seed oil contains a steroid called delta-7-sterol. This steroid competes against the same receptors in the hair follicle as that of DHT. As a result, DHT may be less likely to bind to hair follicle receptors and therefore less likely to cause hair loss.

Important minerals required for hair growth

Pumpkin seed oil contains minerals like magnesium and zinc. Both magnesium and zinc are among two essential minerals for skin and hair care. Zinc not only increases the thickness of hair but it also speeds up growth.
To conclude, various studies have shown that pumpkin seed oil could be helpful in improving AGA and it could be considered as a potential treatment for hair loss. Pumpkin seed oil is found to play an important role in hair loss by effecting testosterone and androgen in the body.


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