Shea Moisture Organic Yucca and Aloe Thickening Milk

I’ve been using this product for two weeks now as part of my review of
the world’s best organic leave in conditioners.

So far I’ve used the Giovanni Direct and the MOP products and this one is the best in my opinion. Here’s why…

Mild Hold, Healthy Looking Hair

I’ve been looking for a leave in conditioner that is nutritious, provides some hold so I can use it to style my hair and makes my hair look good.

So far the conditioners I’ve used have made my hair very dry or not provided enough hold. This Yucca leave in conditioner is pretty much perfect because it contains more oil than the other products. This means it has a bit of weight and strength to keep my hair in a style and then as the day goes by I can allow my hair to naturally lose it’s style without it looking terrible. In other words, the hairs hold the direction but aren’t rigid.

Maybe too oily for some hair types

This product contains a lot more natural plant oils than other leave in conditioners. If you use too much it can make your hair look greasy, so you have to be fairly spairing.


Have you used this product?

If so please leave a comment to let us know what you though of it.