Today I’m going to show you the method I used to reverse my hair loss.

Check out my before and after picture:

Chris Carter before and after nicehair

Right now, your diet is probably destroying your hair. It’s not necessarily because you’re eating bad foods, it’s because of your hormonal balance

I stopped my hair loss and regrew my hair using only natural means. I think this is the best method in the world. Bar none. Do exactly what I explain below and you’ll get results like this.

Summary of the method

  1. Massively increase your intake of key hair growth nutrients from natural sources using my special hair growth smoothie, which I’ll show you in this article
  2. Use the B vitamin niacin and the inversion method to send those nutrients to your hair flooding your hair with keratin building nutrients (I’ll show you this in a moment)
  3. Use a special combination of powerful natural ingredients to balance your hormones, making your body change so your hair starts to grow, your skin becomes healthier and you feel more relaxed and calm
  4. Use a Dermaroller and my natural hair growth tonic, which increases the growth hormone IGF-1 and reduces PGD2 and DHT in your scalp, twice per week, to massively increase the production of hair matrix cells in your scalp
  5. Use my Scalp Skin Reset to get your scalp back into the condition it was in before your hair loss began