The 20 Best Organic Green Superfood Powder Drinks in the World

Green drinks -- the missing link in your quest for optimal health

Time and time again I’ve searched for organic green gdrinks and struggled to find the ones I want. So I decided to search and list all the best green drinks in the world in one place, not only for my convenience, but also for my visitors. So now whenever I need to order a new green drink product I only have to check this list and take my pick.

Tip for Optimum Health: Switch Between Green Drinks

Don’t stick to one green drink. Switch between different products regularly in order to consume a more diverse range of foods and herbs. Try selecting specific products to boost your intake of specific nutrients types — for example, liver detoxifying herbs one month and high antioxidant levels another month. Bookmark this page and use it to choose your green drinks every time you need a new one.

So, without further a do, let’s find out what the world’s healthiest organic green drinks are:

67 thoughts on “The 20 Best Organic Green Superfood Powder Drinks in the World”

  1. I recently discovered your blog/website and have genuinely enjoyed reading this and some of the other posts. I thought I would dive out from the shadows and leave my first comment. I’m not certain what to say other than I have enjoyed reading and will continue to visit as frequently as I can.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Neil,

      Looks like Athletic Greens is another one worth adding to the list. I’ll get it on the page.


  2. Hello
    I am a greens supplement freak, however I noticed you do not have Greens Plus on your list and I am wondering why not?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Carman,

      Thanks for the tip. I’ve never seen Greens Plus before. I checked it out and it’s worth adding. As with all the lists on this one is always open to suggestions and development — which is why it’s so useful for green drinks drinkers like us. I’ll add Greens Plus to the list. Maybe I’ll give it a try next time. Currently I’m using Greens Today Organic Frog.

      Thanks for the suggestion.


  3. Hi,

    Thank you for compiling a list…Finding a way through the dozens of green powders on the market nowadays is tricky, especially when mistakes are costly. Please can you let me know what you make of “Nature’s Plus Fruitein High Protein Revitalizing Green Foods”. I just bought a tub and it wasn’t too expensive and it’s ridiculously tasty ( a kind of pineapple zing) but whilst it has some good herbs like pau d’arco and irish moss, I like my powders to be jam packed full of helpful herbs like horsetail, nettle and plantain majora. I also like the Foodscience of Vermont Range of Superior Purples/Reds…shame though that they sell them separately and they don’t combine them all in one wow factor powder- again though, not making full use of herbs. I’d also like to see less reliance on soy proteins in the powders that make protein claims. There was a powder I used a few years ago that had about 40 different herbs in it as well as the usual line up of greens but in the whirly gig of choice I forgot what it was called…..any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Yes, I looked at Foodscience of Vermont Purple & Reds powders. They all look good at a glance, but… when you ready the fine print at the very bottom of the nutritional label you see the following:

      WARNING:This product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm.

      Soooo many of their powdered products contain lead, I can’t believe they’re selling them!

      Kudos to the author of this article! I’ve got great info a *huge* list of powdered greens products to choose from.

      1. Hi Judy,

        It’s worth checking the ingredients for lead to make sure one serving doesn’t contain more than the government recommended dose of lead:

        The “FDA has set an action level of 0.5 µg/mL for lead in products intended for use by infants and children”. (

        Organic food products may be higher in lead content than food products grown using chemical fertiliser because they will naturally draw lead from the soil. If the soil is relatively rich in lead the product will be too.

        These products are all fine and have passed stringent safety tests. However, it’s always worth checking the label.

        All the best,

  4. Hi Nick,

    I won’t add either of those as they don’t state that they’re made from organic ingredients. Do you have a full ingredients list that I could view? If they actually do contain a lot of organic ingredients but just don’t state that very clearly I’d happily add those. I really only want to include organic green drinks in this list.


  5. I’m interested in trying a green drink. You didn’t mention how any of these taste (based on your opinion). Can you provide some feedback on ones that you have tried. Thanks.

    1. Hi Stacey,

      To be honest none of these drinks taste particularly good. I’d ignore the taste and just drink them quick. I think 5 seconds of displeasure a day is worth it for the health benefits. The only exception is probably Green Superfood chocolate, which tastes nice as a chocolate milkshake (which is good as a recovery drink after working out).

      Nice, katie b, Dayna — thanks for your suggestions. I’ll check those ones out and add them to the list if they’re good ones.


  6. I have had my thyroid removed due to cancer and am currently taking a synthetic replacement. Will the iodine in the green powder adversely affect my condition?

  7. Thanks Nick, the all day energy greens sounds like a winner. I may try combining a few different brands to get the best of all the worlds.

    1. Hi Jonathan,

      I checked out MacroLife Naturals Macro Greens and although it’s got a lot of great ingredients, most of them are not organically grown, so I’m not adding that one to the list. I only want the very best green drinks on this list.


  8. Further to my previous comment, I’ve noticed an issue with the Fruitein powder that I was using. I usually made up a batch for the day in a water bottle but I made up one batch the other night for the next day and noticed in the morning that it was almost syrupy in texture. I knew that darn powder tasted just too good!!- it has fructose listed as an ingredient (unusual for powders) and I think it’s the sweet taste that I was attracted to and the same sweetness that turned it into syrup overnight. I have an issue staying away from sweet foods and one of the very helpful effects of being on a green powder combined with no-chocolate regime is that it re-educates my taste buds and after a week or so of the regime, a taste of chocolate proves overwhelmingly sweet and not at all pleasant…However, the Fruitein powder has got such a sweetness to it from the fructose (and sugar is sugar) that it’s just not done the job of re-educating my tastebuds. I was very shocked by the gloopy sweet syrup in the bottle in the morning and that is certainly not what I am looking for in a green powder. I’m going to try the top recommended powder on here, the ORAC Paradise Herbs one. I’ll let you know how I get on.

    1. Thanks Isa,

      I’ll check it out. I’ve been meaning to update this page for a while to add all these suggestions. I’m going to try to add some of them to the page today.

      All the best,

  9. Was Gary Nulls Green Stuff the very first green powder. his is not listed. I only had Green Vibrance & Gary Nulls. Nulls taste a 1000 times better. but I used to get it deriverd free from central jersey vitamin closet for under $25, now its over $70 + $10 shipping

  10. I have had Dr. Schulze’s superfood and I happen to like the taste more then others its almost like wheat grass but I don’t know how the nutrition holds up to others. Have you seen this one.

    1. Hi Cassy,

      I think I have used Dr. Schulze’s before, or at least used it. I’ll check it out and get it on the page with the ingredients and details.


  11. difficult to take seriously when you claim athletic greens price of $77.00 for 12.7 ounces is ludicrous, but your number 1 supplement is $120. for the same amount.

    1. Good point Joe. I’ve removed the remark about Athletic Greens price. I actually mixed up dollars and pounds on that item (as I’m in the UK but using dollars – it happens from time to time!).

      I used to buy greens drinks years ago and recently the prices seem to have gone up quite a bit. However I can get Paradise Herbs ORAC Energy for £30 for 16oz over here, which is much better value than Athletic Greens.

  12. Update

    I found some slightly out of wack prices, so I’ve gone through all of them and made sure the prices and weights are accurate to how they are sold on I’ve added links to where you can buy them on Amazon for ease. You can also find equivalent sizes, flavors etc on Amazon.


    1. And what’s a good comparison for cost and quantity? I’m guessing a tub is usually the equivalent of a month’s worth.

    2. Hi Willis,

      The Advanced Greens Plus formula looks pretty good. I’m going to give it a try and add it to the list. Strangely enough, there is an answer to your question about pill form vs powder form on the page you linked to. Personally I prefer powder, just because you avoid consuming the “packaging” of a pill. Generally these green drinks all taste pretty awful, but I don’t think anyone drinks them for the flavor! The only exception to that is the Amazing Grass chocolate flavor (listed on this page). I used to drink that in milk after going to the gym — it’s really nice and the perfect organic post work-out recovery drink because you get all the antioxidants, lots of vitamins and protein from the milk and greens.

      All the best,

  13. Vibrant Health makes a product “field of greens”. This is the best green powder I have found to date. They do not take the word RAW for granted as some other companies do; they actually go as far as defining what RAW means on the label (drying below 118 degrees F) and state the temperature range they dry their products. Its 100% organic as well.

    1. Thanks Jeff, I think I’ve used Field of Greens before but I forgot to add it to the list. I’ll get it on here when I get a chance.

  14. I noticed that you didn’t mention Vitamineral Green. It’s the only green product I’ve seen that comes in an amber glass bottle. Cost is in the $50’s for a 500 gm bottle.

  15. I just wanted to thank you for the information. I’m looking up resources on becoming a vegan. I would like to go to classes on cooking in my home state of Georgia, but I’m having difficulty doing so.. keep up the good work I found it very helpful

  16. Hi:
    I have been taking GO GREENS here in San Diego for many years because my doctor
    recommended this product. However I notice that you do not include any review of
    this product with the many others. Do you have an opinion about GO GREENS because
    I really want to use only the best. Somewhere I read that it might be a good idea to
    rotate different greens drinks and I just might do that.
    I would appreciate your take on this.

    1. Hi Gene,

      I’m about to buy my next tub of greens so I’ll check out GO GREENS now and let you know what I make of it.

      To everyone who has commented, thank you for all your comments, which are all in the moderation queue. I will try to get around to reading them and posting them up as soon as I can and will provide my feedback.

      Thank you all,

    2. Gene, I can’t find GO GREENS. Do you have a link?

      Since a few people have mentioned Vitamineral I’m going to try that one next. It looks good.


  17. i have tried ‘many’ greens powders, i add them to my ‘breakfast smoothie’ which is vanilla whey protein powder and almond milk and the greens isn’t bad when you take it that way. there are so many powders out there, that’s how i found this page. i’m going back to the ‘first’ one i tried way back in 2000 after reading all these comments, greens today organic frog.

  18. In my country we don’t have these green drinks. What should i drink to cleanse my body and liver? can fresh juices be beneficiary? which please? thank you

  19. Hi, I have been using Green Superfood and love that is it is organic and reasonably priced. I have read that silica is bad for people and Green Superfood has that in it. What can you tell us about that. I would love to keep using it, but am concerned that long term use could harm my family and I. Thank you so much for providing this site! Laura

  20. This is fabulous. Is the top recommended brand at the top? If not, is it possible to provide your overall top recommendation? This list is great but a little overwhelming for a newbie. Thanks so much!

  21. Hi! I believe you would love our newest product, TrueFood, which is a premium superfood formula with over 75 different ingredients. We would love to send you samples of our product for an honest review, and to be added to this list. You can find information on this product at: I hope to hear from you soon!

  22. I am using All Day Energy Greens. And Berry Essentials
    Thanks to your comments I am learning more about what
    Not to eat or drink

  23. I’ve been using total living drink greens, it’s excellent. I’m thinking of trying cytogreens for athletes by nova for me, what’s your opinion?

  24. I know this is an old post, but FYI reports Vibrant Health’s “Green Vibrance” product, contained roughly 24 micrograms of the carcinogen arsenic per .4-ounce serving, which far exceeds the 10-mcg-per-34-ounce safety limit established by the Environmental Protection Agency.

    It’s that lil extra in there that makes the difference

    1. Thanks Vanessa,
      I’ll look into that. Meanwhile I’ll take Green Vibrance down from the list until we have confirmation on whether or not it’s a good product.
      Thanks again for sharing.
      All the best,

    1. Hi Acie,

      I’ve posted full ingredients lists for all the products on the page. You can search using Ctrl + F on your keyboard. I’ve just searched and not found any instance of Nova Scotia Dulse in any of the ingredients lists.

      All the best,

  25. Guys,

    I’m aware i’t probably hard to get on your end of the globe, but I’m a big fan of “Wurzelkraft”:

    There is more information in German on the site… at least it has a few details in english 😉

    Check it out by chance. I’m switching between Athletic Greens and Wurzelkraft. Can’t make up my mind yet what is “better”..

    Curious what you think.

  26. Hi, I’m a small health store and I’m searching green drinks to bring in. Having a little trouble finding wholesale distributors. Have you heard of IVL (Institute for Vibrant Living)? Paula

  27. New Greens Berry
    New Greens Original
    New Greens Organic
    All 3 of these are made by a company called Pure Prescriptions.
    The New Greens Original tastes the best….slight minty taste. I just add it to water and drink it fine.

  28. I’ve recently discovered Vitamineral Greens, which I find is a great product that you might want to look into to add to your current list.

  29. My wife and I are in our 60’s and have taken barley and alfalfa juice powder for nearly 20 years combined with a vegan diet and fresh carrot and other vegetable juices daily. So far we are avoiding the diseases of our parents and grandparents. We started off using Barley green and are now using for 10+ years Barleymax from Hallelujah Acres. It’s wonderful to be healthy at 60+.

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