Your hair is starving to death. I know because mine was too. Every day that you leave it, it gets worse. Find out how I regrew my hair

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Increase Circulation in your Scalp: Increasing Nutrient Supply to your Hair to Increase Hair Growth

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A hair loss sufferer’s hair turns from strong and thick to weak and brittle — starved of nutrients. To make the hair strong again, we need to feed it. We need to feed it big time.

What follows are the most powerful and effective techniques in the world for increasing blood circulation in the surface of the scalp — right to the tiny blood vessels near the skins surface, where it’s needed most. By doing this we massively increase the nutrient supply to the hair, feeding and strengthening the hair, breathing life back in to it and making it strong and healthy again.

Increase circulation in the scalp to feed the hair bringing it back to life

Think of your hair as grass and your scalp as soil. Your scalp has been starved of nutrients and is dry and baron. You need to breathe life back into it. You need to feed and nourish your hair.

Hair receives the nutrients it needs to grow via the bloodstream. So it’s as simple as this:

Increase the supply of blood to your hair follicles and you increase the supply of nutrients to your hair.

The more nutrients you can send to your hair the stronger it grows. Think, your hair has been cut off from that supply of nutrients for so long, it’s become weak, lifeless, brittle and is now dying. You need to bring it back to life, fast. You need to feed it massively.

By massively increasing blood circulation in your scalp using The Alternation Method and a special hair growth tonic that feeds your hair, blocks DHT and further increased blood circulation at the surface of the scalp, we reactivate the hair follicles, making them grow stronger again.

This technique uses a three pronged attack to increase blood circulation in your scalp:

  1. Uses The Alternation Method to trigger your body to send more blood right to your scalp’s surface (where it’s needed for hair growth)
  2. Uses a very powerful natural ingredient (part of the hair growth tonic you’ll learn how to make) to increase blood circulation in your scalp
  3. Uses techniques to strengthen your body’s overall circulation, not only helping increase nutrient supply to the hair but also improving your overall health

These techniques are powerful and amazingly effective. Your scalp goes from lifeless to flowing with nutrient filled blood, feeding and nourishing the hair follicles, bringing them back to life.

All of this can be completed easily at home, on your own, with just a few minutes each day to perform the techniques.

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