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Way 316-606 for Hair Loss: Scalp SFRP1 Inhibitor

Way 316-606 reduces hair loss and promotes hair growth by blocking SFRP1 from damaging hair follicles in the scalp. SFRP1 is a protein that interferes with hair growth. By blocking the protein, hair grows uninhibited.

WAY-316606 is a relatively new pharmacological drug that was designed to treat osteoporosis. The drug has not yet been approved for human use as it’s still undergoing clinical trials and the real benefits and adverse effects are still unclear.

inhibiting SFRP1 activity through the SFRP1 antagonist, WAY-316606, enhanced hair shaft production, hair shaft keratin expression, and inhibited spontaneous HF regression

Interestingly, during the clinical trials, patients who were previously diagnosed with androgenic alopecia started growing their hair back after a brief use of WAY-316600. This finding warranted researchers to conduct more studies and clinical trials, but this time, the goal is to find out whether this drug can reverse hair loss.

Scientists found that WAY-316606 is able to promote hair growth by inhibiting secreted frizzled-related protein 1 (SFRP1), which is a protein that inhibits the activity of the dermal papilla.


In a 2018 study conducted at the University of Manchester, researchers aimed to identify the role of WAY-316606 in the treatment of hair loss.

All experiments were conducted in the lab and no human elements were involved.

After isolating hair follicles from donors, the samples were treated with WAY-316606 for 6 days and the study concluded that: “Conversely, inhibiting SFRP1 activity through the SFRP1 antagonist, WAY-316606, enhanced hair shaft production, hair shaft keratin expression, and inhibited spontaneous HF regression (catagen) ex vivo.”

How to use it

While these new findings are quite exciting for patients with androgenic alopecia, more evidence is needed before moving forward with WAY-316606 clinical trials on humans.

Moreover, there are still some uncertainties about the potential adverse effects of this drug; most notably the potential activation of oncogenic pathways that may lead to cancer.

The researchers stating: “Wnt signaling through ligands that are already present, this ‘ligand-limited’ therapeutic strategy for promoting human hair growth may circumvent potential oncological risks associated with chronic Wnt over-activation.”

Where can you buy Way 316-606?

Despite the potential risks, there are quite a few men using the drug topically to reduce male pattern hair loss. As a result, there seems to be a lot of demand for it and retailers are taking advantage of that by selling it online. So far the only website I’ve seen that’s selling Way 316 606 is Alibaba and there are quite a few sellers advertising it on there.

How much does Way 316-606 cost?

Prices on Alibaba range from $5 to $350 per gram! I’m not sure why there’s such a wide range in price. It’s likely that the $5 product is not pure and is a mixture of chemicals. The problem of course with purchasing on Alibaba is there’s no real guarantee that you’re getting the authentic Way 316-606. You could be buying any white powder for all you know.

Side effects / dangers

As far as I can see there are no reported negative side effects associated with the use of Way 316-606 for hair loss. According to Follicle Thought, the drug is going into clinical trials to be tested on humans. That’s a very good sign that the drug has been vigorously tested on animals and found to be safe.

There’s so little information about the drug and no news published recently so it’s hard to say when we’ll have more information about the progress of the trials. As soon as I have more information I’ll post an update here. Post a comment if you have any questions or news.

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It’s too early to Determine whether WAY-316606 will get approved for commercial use, and the risk of cancer may be a reason to be more thorough in the clinical trials, which will almost certainly delay any future treatment releases.

While hair loss can be distressing to patients who are looking to find potential solutions, it is still wise to take into consideration the adverse effects of the drugs we use since the damage could be irreversible, as in the case of cancer.