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Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is a hormone that can cause hair loss in men. When this hormone is produced, the body begins to shrink hair follicles, causing hair loss. For men experiencing hair loss who are also suffering from scalp irritation, a supplement may be a good alternative to topical treatments. Here are five highly rated supplements that help counteract DHT production and aid in hair regrowth.

  • Reserveage Keratin Booster with DHT Blockers

    ReserveAge Organics Keratin Booster
    $33 for 60 Capsules

    Last on our list is ReserveAge Organics Keratin Booster, which combines natural DHT blockers with keratin, a nutrient necessary for growing new hair. This supplement is a fantastic option for people who cannot include soy or gluten in their diets, as it is soy and gluten free, as well as organic!

    • Contains high levels of antioxidants, which may benefit hair growth by scavenging free radicals
    • Organic ingredients are richer in minerals


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  • Hairomega DHT supplement

    Hairomega 3-in-1 DHT blocker $20 for 120 Tablets

    Hairomega’s DHT blocker not only blocks DHT but increases blood flow to the scalp using various polyphenols, which aid in further hair growth once the hair follicles are restored. There are even other beneficial vitamins in the pill for your overall health, making this supplement a fantastic option for a DHT blocker!

    • Contains vitamins and minerals that support hair growth
    • Contains several potent ingredients that are strongly believed to reduce serum DHT
    • Contains quercetin, green tea, raspberry and broccoli, which are high in antioxidants
    • Contains mushrooms and herbs, which may benefit hair growth


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  • Folliform DHT Blocker supplement

    Folliform DHT Blocker for Men and Women
    $29.99 for 60 Capsules

    Folliform DHT Blocker uses saw palmetto, nettle root extract, green tea, pumpkin seed, pygeum extract, and zinc oxide to help with hair growth. These ingredients form a natural DHT blocker, meaning that not only will your hair grow longer, but you’ll also only be adding all-natural ingredients to your body. Many users have seen not only hair growth, but improvement in nail health as well (which is just an added bonus!)

    • All the ingredients used in this supplement are strongly believed to reduce serum DHT
    • Green tea contains antioxidants, which may also be beneficial for hair growth


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  • Shen Min high stength DHT blocker

    Shen Min DHT Blocker 27.99 for 60 Tablets

    Shen Men DHT Blocker is an all-natural DHT supplement that uses He Shou Wu, a Chinese root that has been shown to aid in blocking DHT in the body as its primary ingredient. Users have noticed fantastic results with this product. Several users reported results within 2-3 weeks, while most seem to see them within a couple of months!

    • Contains a wide variety ingredients that are strongly believed to reduce serum DHT
    • Quercetin is high in antioxidants, which may be beneficial for hair growth
    • He shou wu is a potent Chinese herb that is believed to stop hair loss in some individuals


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  • NuHair DHT blocker supplement for men and women

    NuHair DHT Blocker for Men and Woman $18.99 for 42 Capsules

    Like the other DHT Supplements on this list, this is an all-natural DHT blocker that uses soy, saw palmetto extract, and other natural vitamins to block the effects of DHT. Also, like Shen Min DHT Blocker, it uses He Shou Wu to suppress DHT in the body. This product not only helps people who already have bald spots, but people who have noticed that their hair is thin and lacking luster.

    • Provides a good array of anti DHT ingredients
    • Contains He shou wu; a potent Chinese herb that is believed to stop hair loss in some individuals


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These highly rated supplements are great options for men looking for a DHT blocker in order to regrow hair. However, like with all nutritional supplements, talk to your doctor before starting any program of supplementation, as you may have a pre-existing condition or medications that may interact with the ingredients found in these supplements.

An important warning about DHT blockers

If you are a man who wishes to reduce his DHT levels, remember that these supplements may reduce prostate gland size. Why is this important? If you have a prostate examination it’s important that you tell your doctor that you have been using supplements that reduce DHT levels, so that your doctor can take that into account when examining your prostate size.

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