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10 Amazing Examples of Hair Sculpture / Art

Hair art sculpture bear and birds
1. Hair stylist: Nagi Noda. This concept used basket weave for the hat, providing a framework for the bear and birds.
Amazing hair sculpture art lion
2. Hair stylist: Nagi Noda. Inspired by animals, the hair stylist used scalp hair and hair wefts, some wire and hairspray to sculpt.
Hair sculpture of deer with big antlers
3. Hair stylist: Nagi Noda. The artist made hair sculptures of a variety of animals including the giraffe, walrus, elephant, dog and bear.
Fish hair art
4. Hair stylists: Zed Nevada, Michael Barnes and Luke Reynold. This team created this aqua-themed hair style for a fashion show.
Spider made from real hair art
5. Hair stylist: Mark Anthony Sumaray. The spider web was carved out by shaving and the spider legs were braided. The entire style was held firm by hair spray.
Crazy hair art house truck tree
6. Hair stylist: Nagi Noda. In this style, Nagi used basket weaving for the roof of the house. A truck, a car and a few trees are also visible in a rather “messy” but captivating array.
Incredible hair sculpture
7. Hair stylist: Chris Vandehey. A hair-defining gel was used to wrap and sculpt the hair into an elaborate basket weave. The look was sealed with hair spray.
Amazing hair style
8. Hair stylist: Julian Macias. In this hairstyle, Julian used weft hair extensions and a generous amount of hair spray. The leaves were shaped with a flat iron to give a straight, shiny look.
Best hair sculptures
9. Hair Artists: Ann Bray, Eric Fisher, Lala Todorovic and Chris Vandehey. This creation is inspired by Ikebana, a Japanese flower arrangement and involved sculpting some small, intricate pieces.
Huge hair sculpture
10. Hair stylist: Ben de Cordova. This hairstyle depicts a ship sailing on waves and was created for the 2013 Battle of the Strands event in Orlando.