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10 celebrities who have had hair transplants

Well I had to scour the hidden recesses of the interwebs to find these old pictures of celebs before they had new hairs implanted into their scalps.

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Last updated: Mar 3, 2020

Elon Musk

Elon Musk hair transplant

Elon Musk’s hair transplant is one of the best I’ve seen. Most people are completely unaware that he’s even had one. I once had a conversation with someone about intelligence and hair loss. I was saying intelligent people tend to lose their hair far more than dumb people and my friend said, “what about Elon Musk? He’s got loads of hair”. To that I replied, “he’s had a hair transplant”. Seems my theory holds up.

Jeffrey Star

Jeffrey Star before and after hair transplant

Jeffrey Star is a make-up tutorial person on YouTube. My wife actually watches his show sometimes so he must be famous. You can see in the before photo he had a fairly high hairline, caused by the androgen hormone DHT early on in life. This is very common. I talked previously about Harry Style’s hairline, which receded like this in his teens. This is far more common than you might think. Jeffreys’s hair transplant is very impressive. He now has a great hairline, which will make styling his long hair much easier.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey

Voted the sexiest man alive in People Magazine in 2005, this hunky heartthrob is best known for going shirtless, showing off his buff body. In the interests of looking his best, he has had his thinning hair filled in. Hey, he looked great either way but if a hunk like Matthew McConaughey is comfortable with hair replacement what have you got to lose?

Elton John

Elton John hair transplant

His hair started thinning back in the early 70’s. Always ahead of the curve, Elton John was one of the first really famous people to get a hair transplant. He was such a super-star, and the change was so obvious, that he could not deny it. Hair transplant technology has come a long way since then, but you could say that Sir Elton was a hair transplant pioneer.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson

With his rugged, chiselled features, piercing blue eyes, and intense acting style, Mel Gibson had been a big box office draw for decades. He was People’s sexiest man alive in 1985, and made their 50 most beautiful people list many times. Although he has not gone public about his HT, in around 2006, his hairline, which had been receding, crept forward again, and the thinning hair on top became thick and lush. Inside sources have confirmed his HT, and said he’s very pleased with his new look.

Louis Walsh

Lous Walsh before and after hair transplant

A judge on the British TV show The X Factor, Louis Walsh has spoken publicly about his hair transplant. He decided to have the surgery at the urging of his friend Simon Cowell. He has been quite open about the transplant, referring to it as “Maintenance,” and expressing his satisfaction with the procedure, which really does look quite natural. He has even gone as far as recommending his surgeon to friends.

Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller hair transplant

Image source: Texas Mustang

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Dennis Miller has talked openly about his hair transplant. He’s said he got a couple of procedures done before 2004. Apparently, he did not wait for the hair to get too thin before taking action. The result was, he never went bald, and he has a lush, natural-looking head of hair.

Tom Arnold

Tom Arnold hair transplant

Image source: Mark Ghtohl

Well OK, maybe he’s not the hot sexy guy you want to be, but Tom Arnold’s hair has come a long way. By his own account, he has had many procedures. He started in with it a long time ago, and it didn’t always look great. Now he actually has it where it’s not looking too bad. You rather have to admire a guy that’s so unselfconscious.

Jason Gardiner

Acting as a kind of self-appointed Hair Transplant ambassador, the Dancing on Ice judge actually had his second hair transplant procedure broadcast on the internet as part of the Spencer Kobren series The Bald Truth. He enthusiastically removed his hat on TV, during Dancing on Ice. It was a long process for him, but the results are fantastic. He could not be more pleased. Jason Gardiner loves to spread the word to other men who are struggling with their own hair loss.

James Nesbitt

James Nesbitt hair loss

Image source: Death Waltz Recording Co.

This charming Irish actor has gone from curly-haired Adam in Cold Feet to a hard-boiled detective in Murphy’s Law. His hair loss had played out in the public eye, and he’s always been honest about his hair transplant, if a little bemused at how much public interest there is in it. He’s even made a promotional film for the Dublin clinic where he had the work done. He’s been quoted as saying that his hair restoration has changed his life, crediting it for a lift he’s experienced in his career post HT.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooneys hair after hair transplant

Images source: vagueonthehow

English footballer Wayne Rooney tweeted to his twitter followers confirming that he had a hair transplant.

Just to confirm to all my followers I have had a hair transplant. I was going bald at 25 why not. I’m delighted with the result. It’s still a bit bruised and swollen when it dies down u will be first to see it. Anyone recommend any good hair gel. Haha.

What a refreshing attitude. He is a young guy with plenty of money. Why not go for it? Well done Wayne!

Jason Donovan

Jason Donnavon hair transplant results

Image source: Jennifer Barnard

Australian actor and singer, Jason Donovan, told Piers Morgan during an interview that he has had a hair transplant. He has said that he is really happy with the results. Donavon’s most recent gig has been appearing on the British TV show “Strictly Come Dancing.” He works in the public eye and says he just feels more comfortable with hair.

What an encouraging trend it is that men are willing to talk about their hair loss. After all, it’s not a personal failing to lose your hair, and there’s no shame in wanting to look your best. There’s nothing you can do about the genes you inherited, but there is something you can do about hair loss.

Women lose their hair too, not as often maybe, but it’s even more devastating for them when they do. Things like bleaching and hair extensions are very damaging and can cause patchy hair loss. However, it’s always been more socially acceptable for women to wear wigs and hairpieces, so it’s easier to cover up thinning hair. I don’t think anybody’s ever seen Dolly Parton’s real hair. Many stars like Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani wear wigs most of the time. Wigs are fun accessories, and they can protect the real hair from damage from all that styling, but if a lady needs hair augmentation, thanks to wigs, no one need ever know.

If you’re a good-looking young man, and you’re losing your hair, you’re not alone. It’s nothing to feel ashamed of, male pattern baldness is not even a sign of old age. Plenty of men lose their hair in their 20s and 30s, the prime of life. In this day and age, lots of guys wear their bald head proudly, but if that’s not the look you want there are other options, and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about taking advantage of them.

There’s a growing list of famous men who have had hair transplants, and why not? For stars of the stage and screen, looking good is their job, and they have to work at it. It’s all about the illusion of eternal youth and perfection, so many of them avoid publicity about their hair transplants. Still, for someone who’s constantly getting his picture taken it can be hard to avoid public scrutiny, and a growing number of high profile men are talking publicly about their choice.

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