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10 Ridiculous and Hilarious Wigs… …on Cats

…and dogs. And some strange people. Just for fun and because my posts are usually very serious I thought I’d publish some funny pictures I’ve collected. If you find these pics funny, share with your friends using the buttons above.

The Breakfast in Bed Cat

This cat is enjoying a relaxing breakfast in bed.
Cat wearing a wig in bed

Image source: Fugly.com

The Inquisitorcritter

Chinese cat wearing wig and glasses

Image source: Lanny-Yap.blogspot.com

The Harry Styles Dog

A relative perhaps?
Dog with Wig Protesting

Image source: Kulfoto

The resemblance is quite remarkable, even down to the glazed look in their eyes.
The Harry Styles Dog

But I did not Shoot the Deputy’s Dog

Dog with dreadlocks wig

Image source: pwnzone2.blogspot.co.uk

Over optimistic wig choice

Maybe this guy should have gone for a more realistic wig.
hilarious wig

Image source: holytaco.com

Baby with very long hair

Baby with long hair wig

Image source: izismile.com

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The drawn on hair look

I guess if you can’t afford a wig you can always draw some hair on.
Drawn on hair wig

Image source: everydayfunnyfunny.com

The Chewbacca Look

Well, here’s a Chewbacca wig.
Chewbacca Wig

Image source: geyserofawesome.com

I can see why the artist photoshopped this beehive…
Beehive wig

The final say from Linus…

Linus the cat with monicle

Image source: worldwidewhiskers.wordpress.com

While placing a wig upon a cats head may provide a brief amusement, it is, in my opinion, somewhat unethical. But only somewhat. Then one might consider the act of neutering to tread on the side of unethical. Or is it? Always ask questions.