“14 years of hair loss ended and almost fully reversed”: New review posted - nicehair.org

“14 years of hair loss ended and almost fully reversed”: New review posted

Happy 20th of December everyone. Only one day left until the darkest day of the year here in the northern hemisphere, which means every day gets lighter and longer from then on. Good news for anyone who likes long sunny days.
Today I’d like to show you a review sent to me by a member of nicehair.org, who has been following the program for a year. It’s an amazing review and it’s really made my day; so thanks David!

David’s Review (republished with permission)

Written on: 15/12/2016 by davestanley1. See original review here.

14 years of hair loss ended and almost fully reversed

I’d been losing my hair since the age of 18.
Around the age of 21 I started using 5% rogaine religiously. Sometimes I would use it 3 times a day. After a few years I moved on to spectral DS. That was supposed to be the best hair loss product in the world. And I started using an expensive supplement twice a day. I also got a laser comb and used that every day.
I considered using Propecia but the side effects stopped after I saw my friend lose all interest in getting a girlfriend for years. I always had a girlfriend so that didn’t matter but I didn’t want a drug to change the way I feel and even think.
A few years past and looking back at the photos on Facebook, my hair had thinned so much and I’d been finding ever ingenious ways to hide it.
I started using a laser comb, 12% minoxidil you can get this stuff online by the way if you hunt for it), anti DHT shampoo, anti DHT supplements, eating healthily. Still no good.
Several years later I found this site and bought it and never even read it for some reason.
Then about 12 months ago I emailed him and he sent me a new version of the program. He told me all about how it works, which I think is where I finally got the motivation to do it.
I followed the instructions, pretty much to the letter. But it isn’t hard work.
For the first 2-3 weeks I didn’t really see any difference I seem to remember. Then I started step 2 of the program and I remember noticing that I was suddenly not losing any hair. When I showered, when I brushed my hair, etc. Somewhere along the line and I’m not exactly sure when, I stopped seeing any hairs shedding. I saw like 2 or 3 in the shower, but that was about it. Which was amazing because before then I was seeing as much as 20 hairs in the shower.
Around a month into starting the program I saw what I thought was impossible.
New hairs were sprouting in my receded hair line area. This is an area of my scalp that hadn’t seen any hair growth since I was a teenager. Around the same time I remember looking very closely at the spaces between the thick hairs at the center-front of my scalp and I suddenly noticed literally hundreds of new hairs that hadn’t been there before.
Over the following two months the hairs got thicker. The more hairs I saw the more motivated I was to use the techniques. I followed the program religiously. About a year later I am so ecstatic to say my hair is as thick now as it was when I was about 20!
From the bottom of my heart thank you.

More good news

In case you haven’t noticed, the website has been given a face-lift today. You may notice some minor glitches here and there while we iron out any bugs.
You may have also noticed my new program is now available, to a restricted number of invitees. For a chance to receive an invitation to the new program, go here.
Tomorrow I’ll be publishing a post all about the amazing new program, which includes some breakthrough new research that I’m excited to announce. It’s quite a breakthrough in hair regrowth science.