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3 Killer Tips for Growing Long Healthy Hair

Tips For Long and Healthy Hair

Let’s start with a basic tip. Brush your hair starting from the bottom of your hair instead of starting from the roots of your hair. It is commonly seen as the other way around but this is the correct way. If your hair is not straight then it is best to only brush your hair before you shower, it may cause your hair to go incredibly frizzy.
Before you shower, apply coconut oil to your hair. Simply massage it into your hair, starting at the roots and working your way down to your roots. Leave it like this for around 30 minutes before you shower.
For your shower, look in to buying some shampoo and conditioner which is made up of natural oils.
Check out these organic SLS free shampoos for some of the best you can get.
Once you are out of the shower, do not dry your hair using a blow dryer as it will cause serious damage to your hair. Instead let it dry naturally and afterwards apply a natural oil to the ends of your hair. Applying a natural oil will also help prevent your hair from splitting ends!
Using a ‘protective hair style’ can also be beneficial to your hair. It may not be super attractive at times but putting your hair in a bunch or braiding it can make the difference.
Your diet is incredibly important and is often overlooked. Eating healthily and taking in all of the necessary vitamins for hair growth will help your hair stay healthy and will also be beneficial to the rest of your body.