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3 Tips to Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Tip #1 – When washing your hair, let it air dry You want as little heat to touch your hair as you possibly can. If you can’t help but use a blow dryer then use it for as little time as you can, heat damage is the worst damage. Although, using a blow dryer for a very short amount of time can be beneficial just make sure you don’t apply too much heat to your hair intentionally. A great tip when blow drying your hair is to dry it upside down. This will give you a little bit of volume to work with. On top of this, use Biotin vitamins. The vitamins that these supply you with include all of the vitamins that your hair needs and keeps your hair healthy. Also checkout the best vitamins for hair growth, which is a list of supplements that contain hair growth nutrients as well as biotin.

Tip #2 – Caboki

This is a hair fiber that includes a lot of plant based products which will ultimately benefit your hair massively. Applying it is simple. Simply shake it like a salt shaker on to the areas you want to apply it to and you’re done. It’s that simple.

Tip #3 – Extensions

These aren’t always the first choice when it comes to making your hair look thicker although it can prove to add a lot of volume. Once you have added your extensions, gently brush your hair and add a little hairspray as you go. Afterwards, tease the top of your hair and you’re done!]]>