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3 Weird Rules for Stopping Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness
In the many years I’ve spent researching hair loss and the key mechanisms of hair growth I have come to realise 3 crucial, yet seemingly wacky ‘rules’ to live by in order to prevent male pattern baldness.
Before you read these I want you to know that you don’t need to live by these rules in order to stop your hair loss and regrow your hair. In fact these rules don’t include any of the methods I outline in my eBook that I personally used to regrow my hair.
Now some of this might seem a bit crazy, but bear with me. There is logical scientific basis to these rules. Some of it may seem ridiculous, but believe me, if you stick to these rules you’re almost guaranteed to not only stop androgenic alopecia (male pattern hair loss) but even reverse it. The thing is, hardly anyone in the world actually does all of these things.

Rule 1: Never Watch Porn!

OK this sounds crazy right? How in the world is this connected to male pattern baldness? The clue is in the name — androgenic alopecia — which is hair loss relating to androgen hormones.
There are two major problems with porn, especially porn addiction, which has become far more common with the advent of broadband internet.

  1. Regular porn watching leads to far more frequent ejaculation. And ejaculation may increase DHT levels and deplete the body’s zinc and other mineral levels.
    See Does Masturbation Cause Hair Loss for more details.
  2. With increasing research of porn usage, some scientists are postulating that there is a link between regular porn watching and anxiety — which again links with hormonal changes and nutrient depletion.
    For more details read, Is There a Connection Between Anxiety and Hair Loss?

Researchers suggest that training the mind to rapidly seek out pleasurable sexual imagery in order to achieve psychological and physical satisfaction, causes the mind to need ever increasing serotonin in order to feel satisfied.
This may lead to social anxiety due to depleted brain serotonin and due to training the mind to expect fast, easy satisfaction that cannot be achieved in normal social scenarios.
Of course all of this is hypothetical, but there is almost certainly a link between testosterone levels and ejaculation. This has been the basis of good boxing training, which uses abstinence to improve fighters training and combat performance by maintaining high
testosterone levels.
So, all of these factors leads you to one answer: never watch porn.

Rule Number 2: Eliminate Stress

This one has got much more empirical evidence to back it up. In fact it’s been proven that high stress hormone levels has a direct correlation with hair loss.
If you’ve grown up and developed a psychology that deals with stressful situations calmly you’re very lucky. This will help you a lot in life. If you’re unlucky and you know you regularly get stressed, anxious or worried, you need to do something about it.
This is a simple rule to stopping hair loss: stop the stress. However you do it, do it. The alternative is live a life stressed out and bald. No one wants that.
If you want to learn how I ended my crippling anxiety, check out How to Stop Stress Related Hair Loss.
Don’t live with it. Fix it.

Rule Number 3: Eliminate Processed Foods from your Diet

For a long time I couldn’t believe this could really significantly impact hair growth. That is until I eliminated junk food from my diet. I give a caveat to that last sentence — I do still eat junk food, but I went six months on a completely ‘clean diet’ before gradually moving back to a normal diet. In that six months I saw great improvements in my hair, skin, sleep quality, energy levels and mental focus. Now I plan to go back to a clean diet as I’ve allowed the quality of my diet to decline again. I look forward to going back into the world of clarity!
During my research I’ve learnt a lot about the negative affects junk food has on various elements of your body.

  • It can cause your blood to become more acidic, producing an environment that works against your body
  • It can overwork your liver causing it to store toxic matter and fat
  • It can affect your stress levels, energy levels and quality of sleep

Worst of all though it can impact your hormone levels, which can directly impact on hair loss.
The problem is it’s extremely difficult to know specifically what part of your diet is causing you problems. It could be the soy in your ready meal, the inverted sugar syrup in your “healthy” snack bar or any one of the myriad of processed ingredients included in 90% of the foods for sale in Western shops. The only way to be sure you’re not consuming a food that puts your hormones out of wack, or negatively affects your health in other ways is to not eat processed foods.


The important things to take from this article are that you can still regrow your hair even if you don’t follow these rules, but you’ll have to use some advanced hair regrowth techniques, like the ones explained in my eBook. If you follow these three rules and you use my hair regrowth techniques I guarantee you will regrow your hair, fast.