5 A-List Celebrities Who Wear Wigs

Hair loss is incredibly common. In fact everyone will experience hair loss at some point in their lives, providing they live long enough. It seems as though almost every male movie star has had some hair restoration, but I was surprised to find out how many celebrities also wear hair pieces. Take a look at […]

Hair loss is incredibly common. In fact everyone will experience hair loss at some point in their lives, providing they live long enough. It seems as though almost every male movie star has had some hair restoration, but I was surprised to find out how many celebrities also wear hair pieces. Take a look at these…

1. Beyonce Knowles

Reason: uncontrollable hair

Beyonce wearing wig close up
It seems like it has become extremely common for female pop stars to wear wigs regularly. I was unaware that Beyonce Knowles wears a wig though. It seems like she has several variations of hair pieces and they look to be done very well. Here though you can see where the glue has crinkled on her skin as she sings a loud note. This is a lesson for her wig makers and make-up artists to learn and figure out a solution for, as it doesn’t look good at all in photographs. In fact I imagine some of Beyonce’s younger fans will ask their parents what has happened to Beyonce’s face, thinking that something has gone wrong with her.
Why does Beyonce wear wigs? Beyonce has naturally thick hair, so she’s not covering up thinning hair. However, the singer prefers straight, shiny hair to curly hair and Beyonce naturally has very curly Afro hair. While she can use straighteners and oil treatments to make her hair straight and shiny, dancing vigorously on stage won’t keep her hair like that for long, so a wig may make sense in many cases.

2. Robert Pattinson

Reason: possibly hair loss

Roberty Patterson wearing a wig
I was surprised to learn that English actor Robert Pattinson admitted wearing wigs in the Twilight films (or at least one of the films). However I must admit I had noticed his hair thinning and am almost certain he will be undergoing some form of hair growth treatment. I noticed a few years back that he was already showing the early signs of hair loss in his early twenties. It’s becoming extremely common for men in their early twenties to develop the first signs of male pattern baldness — a slight receding hair line, worsening of hair texture and slight thinning of the hair on top. Robert has had these clear early signs of the start of hair loss for several years now. Unless he is receiving treatment it will only get worse. I guess the Twilight team decided to give him a wig in later films to keep the films consistent or just to make him look a little younger/better, since his character is still in High School.
I imagine (and I am only speculating) that Robert’s hair loss is caused by a mixture of typical DHT and also stress. He seems to me quite a shy young man and I expect the hectic movie star lifestyle has taken somewhat of a toll on his hair — just as stress for most young men starting out in their careers does.

3. Rihanna Fenty

Reason: possibly hair loss and for glamour

Rihanna wearing pink wig
Rihanna seems to wear wigs more often than not when she is seen in photographs and on film. I have seen her with very short hair and I am surprised to say that I think she is suffering from a minor case of female hair loss. This may be the reason she had her hair cut very short. I expect (although again I’m only speculating) she will be undergoing treatment for this and the treatment may in fact have something to do with why she had her hair cut so short.
I’ve seen many photos of her without a wig on and when compared to earlier photos of her with longer hair, her hair is looking a lot thinner now. Some people would use the shorter hair style to explain the seemingly thinner hair, but in fact hair appears thicker when it is short because the hair shafts are thickest towards the bases. In earlier photos of Rihanna her hair was naturally thick and long. Now it is a lot thinner and I imagine that is why she had it cut shorter and why she often wears wigs — because a shorter hair stlye will make the thinness of her hair much less obvious. Rihanna’s hair loss may be down to smoking, drug use and poor diet. However I expect, again, stress may be a factor. Although she comes across extremely confident, we can only speculate on how much of that confidence is chemically enhanced. Regular use of extensions may also have had an impact on her frontal hairline.

4. Gwen Stefani

Reason: probably to cover dark roots

Gwen Stefani wearing a wig
It is very difficult to see the edges of the wig in this picture, however, having examined a close-up I can assure it is a wig. I have seen Gwen Stefani wearing a wig before and I’ve also seen her without and there doesn’t seem to be much difference! So I would assume the reason she wears a wig is because she has very light bleached platinum blonde hair, but she probably doesn’t want to get her roots done for every single event she attends, so instead uses a wig for some of them.
Gwen, who was featured in Hair Care Secrets of the Stars, Blonde Girls, doesn’t seem to have experienced any hair loss at all despite years of dying her hair very light blonde and an array of other bright colors. I’m only guessing but I imagine she follows a strict diet. I expect she uses green superfood drinks, exercises regularly and probably eats very little fatty food. I don’t think she smokes or does drugs. She looks as though she looks after herself very well and is looking extremely good for her age.

5. John Travolta

Reason: hair loss

John Travolta wearing wig
John Travolta has been photographed on one day with very little hair and then later with thick nice looking hair. In this picture he is clearly wearing a wig and in fairness he looks a lot better with hair than without. You can see below a paparazzi shot of him without his hair piece on. Why Mr. Travolta hasn’t had hair restoration is unclear. It may be that he has had work done since these photos were taken, or that he does not have suitable donor hair for a hair transplant.
John Travolta bald
John Travolta wig close-up
In this close-up you can quite clearly see the edges of his wig. From a distance it is fairly hard to tell, but up close it’s obvious. Maybe he made a last minute decision that he couldn’t turn up to a public event without hair and decided to go with a somewhat unrealistic wig. Either way he looks much better with it and most people will only have a quick look at his photos in magazines without realizing he’s wearing a wig. I expect most people won’t particularly care anyway, as most actors wear wigs regularly in their acting roles.

Bad hair isn’t just for us norms

Celebrities are massively afflicted with hair problems, despite the huge budgets they can through at fixing their hair problems. Some of them are stressed, some lead unhealthy lifestyles, but hair loss is just as common in A-List celebrities as it is in everyone else. You’d be amazed at just how many celebrities are resorting to treatments to resolve their hair loss problems.