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5 Photos of the Rock Dwayne Johnson with Hair (Before He Went Bald)

It may surprise some of my younger readers to learn that Dwayne Johnson did indeed once have a full head of hair. Let’s see what the Rock looked like before he went bald…

The Rock had a super-cool hairstyle before his testosterone decided it didn’t like hair and wanted it all to go away to keep his head cool while working out — Dwayne you have my utmost empathy as another victim of the dark side of testosterone.

So, without further a hairdo, here are some old photos of Dwayne Johnson with hair:

Dwayne back when he was The Rock in his wrestling days

Before becoming a super famous actor, Dwayne was a pro wrestler. However, he was probably more intelligent than your average World Wrestling Federation employee and as a result he suffered from anxiety. Super high testosterone caused by the use of anabolic steroids and high cortisol hormones caused by anxiety are a deadly combination for hair loss, so it’s no wonder he started losing it fast.

the rock dwayne johnson with thick hair

Dwayne’s best hair cut — short crop

This is definitely Dwayne’s best hair cut, which shows us all that having thin hair isn’t the end of the world. If you’re losing your hair, consider getting it cut like this.

dwayne johnson with a good short hairstyle

Dwayne Johnson with straight hair

This cut isn’t as good as the one above. If you’re receding, longer hair like this can look good, but in my opinion you’re better off with very short, shaven hair on the sides because it makes the receding hair line less noticeable.

dwayne johnson with straight hair

Mid-length curly hair

To be fair to him he gave it a good try but in the end, I think the slicked-back longer hair look is not suitable for the Rock. The short crop is the only way to go.

dwayne johnson with long curly hair