Is it normal to be losing 120 hairs a day? -

Is it normal to be losing 120 hairs a day?

I lose about 120 hairs a day, very few are breakage. Is that an ok amount?

120 hairs a day is above average in my experience. Opinions vary on the average number of hairs shed from a healthy head per day. The general conencus is that 70 – 150 hairs per day is quite normal. However, in my experience, someone who is not suffering from hair loss will tend to lose more like 50 – 80 hairs per day.
I would say that if you are losing 120 hairs per day you are probably experiencing some hair loss or an increased rate of temporary hair shedding.
This might be caused by a number of things. Without knowing your age, gender, stress levels, diet and lifestyle it would be difficult to diagnose any specific problems. However if you follow the instructions in the eBook you will almost certainly treat all of the most common causes and do your hair a lot of good.