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7 Celebrities Having Bad Hair Days

really bad hair days. Let’s examine but a few…

Donald Trump

Donald trump comb over The problem Donald Trump has used his business innovation skills to take hair from the side of his head to cover the top of his head (commonly known as a comb over). Although in Donald’s case he has made it into an extreme multi-directional comb over, creating a two way fringe as well as top coverage. The result? Probably the worst hair style in the world. Does he care? Seemingly not. The solution Donald could opt for a hair transplant. He has enough donor hair on the back and sides of his head to create his incredible comb over, enough vanity to want to disguise his baldness and enough money to afford the best hair transplant money can buy. Maybe he’s afraid of needles?

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus bad hair The problem It’s likely that Miss Cyrus decided to cut her hair short because she was experiencing a mild case of early onset female hair loss. Now she’s trying to grow it back with the help of Viviscal hair growth supplements. The short hair gave her the edgy look her PR team wanted but now it’s time for her to try to be a little more serious. The solution In the predictable formula of young female talent free pop stars Miley has been through the stripper phase to get as much press attention as possible and now she’ll attempt to use a classic style to her advantage once her hair has grown out. See for example Christina Aguilera.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles nad hair day The problem Harry has great hair: it’s thick, shiny and healthy. But it can look “moppish” and a bit child like. The problem is the sides of his hair are very curly and unruly. The moppish look is his trademark, but sometimes it can go too far out of control, causing Harry to turn into the infamous Harry Styles Dog. Harry Style Dog The solution I’d expect Harry’s marketing team to evolve his look into a more mature adult look in the future by either shaving the sides of his hair short, or straightening his hair more often and styling it back.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney bad hair The problem Wayne is unfortunate to be one of the 6.5 million men in the UK to experience male pattern baldness (source: NHS). He’s attempted to solve the problem with a hair transplant, but his hair is still very thin and unhealthy. In fact it doesn’t look much better than it did before the hair transplant. The solution Wayne clearly wants his hair to look better, but if he really wants to achieve that he’ll need to go to more extreme measures. It’s probable that a combination of Wayne’s hormones and stress levels are the root of his premature hair loss. These are difficult problems to solve and require some in depth guidance. Mr Rooney might benefit from reading up on the subject using the nicehair.org eBook, which will help him deal with the underlying hormone, stress, scalp and nutrition problems. To start off Wayne could take 2 minutes a day out of his hectic schedule to start reactivating dormant hair follicles in his scalp, using this powerful hair growth technique.

Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles bad hair day afro The problem Beyonce has extremely curly, thick Afro style hair. It can be uncontrollable and wild, but as you can see it can look beautiful too. However Beyonce prefers to straighten and lighten her hair to give her a more Caucasian look. The solution Beyonce is very pretty, whether her hair is curly and big or straight and sleek. Perhaps she should try going more natural and let her hair flow freely. To help it look and stay healthy, she could use an organic leave in conditioner or an organic leave-in hair protection product.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera braided hair The problem Christina Aguilera changes her style more frequently than Richard Branson appears in his own TV adverts. The similarity is that they both crave attention from people they’ve never met. The problem is the styles she chooses don’t suit her because they’re not natural. The solution Christina looks her best when she’s not pretending to be something she’s not. Perhaps the problem is not in her style, but more that she needs to find who she really is.

Liam Payne

Liam Payne hair loss The problem It seems clear from his photos that Liam has suffered from a fairly standard case of premature male pattern baldness. His hairline has seemingly receded and his hair looks thinner. His stylist has brushed as much of the hair from the sides of his head up to make his hair appear full and thick — in much the same was as Donald Trump has done with his mega comb over. The solution It’s highly likely that Liam’s puppeteers have got him using some of the best hair loss treatments money can buy to save his hair before it ruins his appeal to the boy groups young teenage target market. Liam would benefit from reading How to Reverse a Receding Hair Line.]]>