7 Natural Dry Shampoo Alternatives: That Nourish Your Hair & Scalp

7 Natural Dry Shampoo Alternatives: That Nourish Your Hair & Scalp

You may have heard the news all over the internet a few months back about dry shampoo being bad for your hair. Well that’s not going to stop people using dry shampoo, but if you really have to use it, make sure you use one of these healthier versions, based on nourishing natural ingredients that will actually feed your hair and keep youtr scalp healthy.

Why should you switch to one of these natural dry shampoos?

You may have heard the news last year that dry shampoo may be bad for your hair and may even cause hair loss. I also blogged about this here on nicehair.org several years before the news broke.

If you use dry shampoo a lot like so many women do, give one of these products a try. You might find they make your hair look nicer than your usual dry shampoo. Several of them also contain ingredients that are believd to promote hair growth, including rosemary and silica.

If you’ve given any of these natural alternatives to dry shampoo a try let us know what they were like by leaving a comment below. And if you have a recommendation for a product that’s not included here let me know by pasting a link to it in a comment.

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