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8 Celebrities You've Never Seen With Hair

It’s pretty unlikely you’ve ever seen any of these male actors, musicians and comedians with hair because, quite frankly, it’s pretty hard to find any pictures of these guys with hair, unless you go way back.

Patrick Stewart, Reminding Me Slightly of Spock

Here’s a rare glimpse into the past of an actor who lost his hair at a young age. I’ve always wondered what Captain Picard would’ve looked like with hair.
Patrick Stewart with hair before and after

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel looks remarkably different with hair…
Vin Deisel with hair before and after hair loss

Jason Statham

On the left is a picture of actor Jason Statham at the 1992 Olympics! I bet you didn’t know he was an Olympic diver before becoming an actor.
Jason Statham before and after hair loss

Ben Kinglsey Before and After Hair Loss

I had to go back to the land that time forgot to find this old picture of English actor Ben Kingsley with hair.
Ben Kingsley with hair and without

Ed Harris

Ed Harris is another actor who lost his hair before he became particularly famous and therefore there are very few publicly available pictures of him with a hair do.
Ed Harris with hair before hair loss

Michael Stipe Rocking Long Hair

Wow, who new Michael Stipe was rocking long hair back in the day.
Michael Stipe with hair and without hair

Larry David’s Terrible “Sides” Afro

The sooner Larry cut his back and side Afro the better I think!
Larry David with hair

Mark Strong with an Eighties Band Look

English actor Mark Strong is pictured on the left here with a young Daniel Craig with long hair. Strange picture!
Mark Strong with hair before he was bald
Well, that about wraps it up for this week. Stay tuned for more humorous articles and scientifically accurate, highly educational articles next week!
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