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A few tips for stopping dandruff and promoting hair growth

I am living in Pune for 9 months. My hair is falling badly. I am suffering from dandruff. Can you suggest any remedy and suggestion in diet or anything?

I would suggest massaging organic cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil into your scalp every night to help clear up the dandruff. Wash the coconut oil out each morning with a good shampoo such as one of these organic shampoos, one of these ant-DHT shampoos or one of these specialist hair loss shampoos. Ideally choose a shampoo that contains zinc — this will also help further clear up the dandruff.
I would also increase your consumption of oily fish such as salmon and mackerel for increased omega 3. Also increase your consumption of green leafy vegetables such as baby leaf spinach to increase your iron intake.
Stress is a possible cause of your hair loss. Do you exercise regularly? You should aim to get quality strenuous exercise (that makes you sweat and get out of breath) three times a week if possible. Take some time to relax every day without any distractions and try to get a good nights sleep every night.
If you feel stress is a big problem for you, try downloading my eBook, which has a chapter dedicated to training your mind to relax in stressful situations — it also comes with a free 8 part audio subliminal mind training programme, which trains your mind to stay calm and focused.