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Advertise on is probably the most informative hair loss website on the web. I deal with every cause of hair loss in detail. I cover specific issues with real answers. As a result the content is highly targeted to specific keywords that provide detailed answers to many specific search queries.
However the only thing I sell on this website is my eBook and the accompanying audio files. Therefore is the ideal place to advertise complimentary hair loss treatments, including:

  • hair loss medications
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The only products I won’t advertise on are other hair loss books, as I believe my hair loss book is the best available anywhere and therefore I would not advise my visitors to buy any other literature on the subject, since there is absolutely no need.
Despite the fact that I think my hair loss eBook contains all the information the vast majority of hair loss sufferers could ever need to stop their hair loss and regrow their hair, I still advocate the use of some other hair loss treatments. I also think it is wise for hair loss sufferers to try other hair loss treatments, providing they understand which ones will work best for them. This is reflected in my website’s content, so my visitors are highly likely to click on relevant and complimentary advertisements, having read my articles.

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Buying advertising space on might be the best marketing move you could make as a business operating in the hair loss industry. Why?
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It also makes perfect sense to place your brand on an intelligent highly relevant website that is respected, highly informative and accurate. This will associate your brand with one of the best hair loss resources available.

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125px by 125px adverts: £99 per month or £4 per day

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I am offering just four 125px by 125px banner ad spaces at the top of the right column of every page of my website. I advertise these pages using Google Adwords and my pages appear in search engine results as well as in the blogosphere, where I contribute to RSS feeds and discussion on related blogs.

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I am offering just one text ad, in the same format as a Google Adsense ad positioned at the bottom of posts, where visitors are most likely to make a spontaneous purchasing decision, having read one of my posts. Again this add will appear on every (post) page and will receive traffic from Google Adwords, search engines and the blogosphere.

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