After coming off the contraceptive pill I lost a lot of hair. What can I do? -

After coming off the contraceptive pill I lost a lot of hair. What can I do?

I had PCOD and was in Oral Contraceptives for 5 years of my life. As soon as I left them, I lost massive amount of hair from the frontal side of the scalp. I am sure DHT is the culprit.

I did not try anything medication yet. Just on keratin and protein tablets and Anaphase shampoo. Please suggest what I can do to immediately stop this hair loss and also regrow hair..Please help!

If the hair loss occurred as a result of coming off the pill, it’s likely that this is temporary hair loss and it *should* stop naturally. However I would strongly advise giving your hair a helping hand (as big a helping hand as possible).

I’d advise having your blood tested for low iron levels and hypothyroidism as a first step.

If all clear on those points follow the steps I explain in my eBook. The key factors for you are:

  • to make sure you remove any built-up DHT from your scalp, which may be inhibiting growth and causing further hair loss
  • To increase blood circulation in the scalp as much as possible to help feed the hair
  • To consume foods that provide your body with an abundance of the raw materials required for growing hair

I also explain how to normalise your hormonal balance in the eBook, which will be particularly useful to you.
If you follow the instructions in the eBook you should have no trouble stopping your hair loss and regrowing lost hair. Some of the instructions are designed for more severe cases of hair loss than yours, but actually, these are all worth doing – as I think it’s worth doing everything you can to help kick your hair back in to ‘growth mode’.
You can download the eBook from here:
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