Al Pacino Hair Loss: Does He Wear a Wig?

Al Pacino is one of those Hollywood actors who seems to have the super thick luscious hair of a twenty-year-old one day; and the scraggly sparse remains of a 120-year-old’s barnet the very next time you see him. So what’s the deal? What’s going on with Pacino’s hairdo?

Is he wearing a wig? Does he simply carefully style his hair to hide his hair loss? Or has he had a hair transplant? Let’s find out…

Mr Pacino was blessed with a particularly high-density hair up until around his fifties when it started to thin out.

Exhibit A: A Middle Aged Al Pacino with Super Dense Hair

al pacino middle age thick hair

As you can see here in Exhibit A, Pacino has extremely dense hair. He was probably thinking at this point, “I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ll never lose my hair”. In fact the thought probably never even crossed his mind. Queue Exhibit B.

Exhibit B: Extreme frontal hair loss observed

Al Pacino hair loss

As we can see here in Exhibit B, Pappa Cino had extensive hair loss one day…

And just a few years (and perhaps a transplant or two later)…

Al pacino hair transplant

Hair loss: not just for us common scoundrels

Hair loss is a prevalent concern that a lot of Individuals face, many people worldwide face the hair loss issue with different types of baldness, and with no time their foreheads look like a moon surface.

We often see movie actors on the screen and wonder how perfect they are. Actually, they are not. Celebrities also face the issue of hair loss but they hide it in better ways than us with the means of money and advanced technologies.

Some actors, such as our old chum Tom Cruise, may even employ mystic Scientological spells on their hair.

Extremely bored? Hating your life? Please, join us again next week for another tantalizing look inside the celebrity world of hair loss.

By the way, here’s an interesting fact you might not know:

Old man Pacino was apparently considered for the part of John McClane in “Die Hard”! The part ultimately went to Bruce Willis, who became synonymous with the iconic character. I think they made the right choice in the end, let’s be honest. Can you image PapaCino playing John McCLane. Lols.

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