Alex Centomo

Alex Centomo

Alex Centomo youtube hair videos

Alex’s channel doesn’t have one primary focus. Some of her videos are about hair, some of them are about beauty, some of them are lifestyle videos, and some of them are fun-filled vlogs.

Alex has been a part of the YouTube community since November 2012. Since she has joined the community, she has managed to gain nearly 500,000 channel subscribers and almost 29,000,000 video views!

Alex’s videos differ. Some of her videos focus on workout techniques, keeping yourself healthy and generally how to take care of your body. Some of her videos are vlogs which give her viewers an insight to her life to show how these lifestyle videos affect her.

In Alex’s most viewed YouTube video she shows her viewers how they are able to put their hair into a ‘Loss Curls’ style with the minimal amount of heat being applied as possible, and with a little patience. If you’re looking for a channel to improve the beauty side of your life, you’ve found it.

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