Alicia James - How to Stop Hair Loss

Alicia James

Alicia’s videos focus on a few different aspects of beauty. Some of her videos focus on haircare and hairstyles tutorials, such as how you’re able to help your hair recover from heat damage, while other videos focus on other beauty aspects such as how to apply your makeup using different methods. Alicia originally joined the YouTube community in December 2008, making her one of the older hair and beauty channels out there. Since she has joined the community, she has managed to gain over 110,000 channel subscribers and has also reached nearly 10,000,000 video views. Alicia’s videos focus on a few different aspects of beauty. In some of her videos, she’ll show her viewers how to put their hair in different styles, while in other videos she’ll provide them with some makeup tips. Her channel is great for those individuals who are looking for some variety. In her most viewed YouTube video, Alicia shows her viewers how her hair has grown. While in this video she doesn’t specifically give details of how to grow long hair, she displays how with a little effort and the perfect hair growth techniques in place, you’re able to grow long hair without too much trouble.]]>