Hair 101 With April - How to Stop Hair Loss

Hair 101 With April

April’s channel focuses on hairstyles as well as general ways to take care of your hair. She goes into depth in her tutorials and always lists the products which she uses in the videos. While her videos mostly consist of hair care, she uploads vlogs on occasion as well as beauty tutorials. April originally joined YouTube back in January 2013. However, since she joined the community she has managed to gain over 250,000 YouTube channel subscribers along with over 40,000,000 video views! Being a professional stylist, April took her talents to the internet and has done so successfully. Given her profession as a hair stylist, she offers tutorials on methods that have contributed towards her professional success. April’s most viewed video is a tutorial in which she gives a step by step explanation on how to effectively wax your eye brows, using ‘Cirepil Blue Wax’. By providing a step by step tutorial, she is offering her viewers the chance to wax their own eyebrows like a pro. She also provides the product that she personally users, making it simpler for her viewers to follow.]]>