Am from India. Just went through your website and decided to buy the book. I want my doubt to be cleared before I buy the complete book.

My query is, will the food items that you have mentioned in the original book will be available everywhere. The food items you have mentioned will be easily available in your home country, but it may not be in some other country.

Pl clarify on this

Thanks for your question. The foods used to feed the hair described in the eBook are general food types as well as specifics. Some specific foods are cited but there are always general food types that they belong to. For example spinach is a good source of iron. Spinach is a dark green leafy vegetable. If spinach is not available to you, you could use an alternative dark green leafy vegetable, such as kale.

There are also some specialist ‘superfoods’ described in the nutrition section that contain concentrated amounts of specific nutrients, that we use to achieve specific goals. These are available in supermarkets in the UK, US and Australia. Where they’re not available you could purchase online or ask me and I’ll try to find an alternative for you.

Feedback like this is great because it helps others so is useful for building the members forum content, which helps everyone progress more easily.

If you’re ever in doubt I’m always available to answer any of your questions about specifics.