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Avoid these 5 things if you don't want to lose your hair

Here’s a list of things you need to avoid if you want to prevent or stop hair loss. Some are obvious and some not so.

1. Stress

When I say avoid stress, I don’t mean you should literally avoid all stressful situations. In fact, quite the opposite, you should embrace stress and fear and try to conquer them. Stress is a major cause of hair loss but it can’t be avoided. Instead you should train your mind to deal with stressful situations in a relaxed manor. We’ve developed an eight part audio mind training programme that trains your mind to be more relaxed in stressful situations. You can download it for free when you download the hair loss eBook.

2. Excessive alcohol consumption

Alcohol damages the liver and having a strong liver is key to having healthy hair and skin. Many adults like to have a drink but there are things you can do to detox and strengthen your liver to keep it in good shape. All of this is explained in the hair loss eBook.

3. Excessive masturbation

Yes I’m afraid so! Evidence suggests that ejaculation can elevate DHT levels. And you know what that means. Of course there are ways of decreasing and removing DHT. Again, all of which is explained in the eBook.

4. Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts contain some really good nutrients. Eating a few a day should actually benefit your hair but don’t eat too many, as overdosing on selenium can cause hair loss. In reality it’s unlikely to happen unless you eat loads of brazil nuts but it’s worth bearing in mind. If you need advise on what to eat more of and what to avoid it’s all in the nutrition section of the eBook.

5. Hair gel

Although using hair gel won’t cause hair loss, leaving hair gel on your scalp could, if you don’t thoroughly wash frequently. If you’re not careful about washing the gel from your scalp every day it could build up and block the pores, which may lead to hair loss. See does hair gel cause hair loss for more.