Beauty By Asha

Beauty By Asha

Ashs best hair tutorial videos

On YouTube she is known as ‘beautybyasha’, although in real life she is known as Asha!

What The Channel’s About

Asha focuses her channel around hairstyles, beauty and lifestyle. She creates a variety of tutorials on top of her lifestyle videos in order to help her viewers appreciate their inner beauty.

Asha has been a part of the YouTube community since 2012. Since she has joined she has gained over 85,000 subscribers and nearly 4,000,000 video views.

Channel Description

As a 20-year-old Australian Business and Fashion student, Asha focuses her channel around beauty and fashion, telling the world all about her latest makeup and hairstyle findings. She shows her viewers a variety of tutorials, while encouraging them to be confident with who they are and style their hair as they please, not to please others. She also gives a range of advice videos along with some lifestyle videos.

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