Beauty K Love - How to Stop Hair Loss

Beauty K Love

On YouTube she is known as ‘beautyklove’, although in real life she is known as Keren. Keren has focused her channel around not only Hairstyles and Makeup, but also a variety of skin care methods, and DIY tutorials in order to show her viewers how she cares for her hair and beauty. Keren has been a part of the YouTube community since the January 2011, and has since gained over 550,000 subscribers and nearly 70,000,000 video views!

What’s her channel about

Not only does she demonstrate her many hairstyles and makeup techniques, Keren gives her viewers an insight ioto how she keeps her body healthy. She shows them some of the homemade meals that she makes in order to retain her slim figure, as well as foods which will make sure you are getting all of the nutrients that your body needs. ]]>