BeautyByGabbie - How to Stop Hair Loss


While she is known by her YouTube fans as ‘BeautyByGabbie’, in real life she is known by her friends and family as Gabbie!

What’s Her Channel All About?

Gabbie focuses her videos on not only hair styles, make-up and beauty, but she also gives her viewers an insight to her life. Since Gabbie first joined the YouTube community back in 2012, she has managed to gain over 180,000 subscribers along with nearly 8,150,000 video views. While focusing on hair, make-up and beauty, Gabbie makes a variety of lifestyle videos as well as vlogs. In her vlogs she answers viewer questions and talks about some of the things she has on her mind. Gabbie’s most viewed YouTube Video is about the hair care routine that has helped her achieve long and healthy hair. In this video she shares some facts and pictures about how her hair was before she begun this routine, and describes some of the products and methods that she used to get her hair to where it is today. ]]>