BeatyDebt hair tutorials youtube channel

On YouTube, they go by the alias of ‘Beautydept’, however there are a few different girls who upload videos to the channel.

On their channel, Beautydept focuses on a few different aspects of beauty. From makeup to hairstyles, they provide a variety of tutorials on both. All of their videos are tutorials and therefore they provide their viewers with step by step instructions on how to copy their hairstyle and makeup methods.

Beautydept have been a part of the YouTube community since they joined in April, 2011. Since they joined, they have managed to reach over 300,000 subscribers and over 28,500,000 video views!

While they are currently inactive on their channel, they have kept up all of the tutorials in regard to beauty and hairstyles that they offered. All of their videos are tutorials, giving you the chance to recreate what they show you on yourself!

In their most viewed video, Beautydept show their viewers how to put their hair into a class French braid hair style, in just a few minutes while providing in-depth instructions along the way.

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