Bebexo - How to Stop Hair Loss


Bebexo best Youtube hair tutorials
On YouTube her fans know her as Bebexo, although in real life her friends and family know her as Nee!

What’s Her Channel About?

While her original videos consisted mostly of hairstyle and haircare videos, Nee has evolved her channel since she began her YouTube career and over the recent years has started uploading regular makeup and lifestyle videos. Her videos not only consist of tutorials, but her personal tips and tricks when using the hairstyles.
Since she joined the YouTube community on the 29th of May in 2006, Nee has managed to reach over 1,700,000 YouTube subscribers along with an incredible 230,000,000 video views. Nee has been a part of the community for approximately 10 years, making her one of the original YouTubers out there.
Having started on YouTube so long ago, Nee has had an advantage in the YouTube community and has become a reliable source for any hair tips that you may be looking for. She directs her channel not only towards girls and hairstyles, but to those looking to change up their hairstyle for special occasions such as proms, weddings, and parties.

Most Viewed YouTube Video

In her most viewed YouTube video, Nee shows her viewers how to put their hair in a hair-bow. In this tutorial, she gives detailed and simple step by step instructions. She provides a live video of her performing the style on her own hair while explaining what she’s doing, making it simple for her viewers to follow.