The Best Natural Treatment for Hair Loss: How I Did It -

The Best Natural Treatment for Hair Loss: How I Did It

My name is Chris Carter. I’m a hair loss researcher and author. I’ve been researching hair loss for over a decade. In that time I’ve published four books on the subject.

This might surprise you

You may not realize this but most physicians that work in hair loss clinics actually know very little about hair loss.


Because the only treatments they provide are the ones given to them by pharmaceutical companies. They don’t actually do any research or testing. They just pass on what they’re given. They just repeat what they’ve been told.

I have actually regrown my hair

Chris Carter
See, that’s me in the photo.
This is the big difference. Until you’ve actually done it yourself, in my opinion, you shouldn’t be selling it.
Years back I developed an innovation, which I called the Alternation Method. It’s a simple method, anyone can follow from home, that takes 2 minutes. In simple terms, it causes very mild damage to the scalp, which forces the scalp skin to heal. This causes the body to send more blood to the scalp (which is also what Rogaine does).
Back then I used the method to stop my hair loss. I even regrew some of my hair.
Years later (around 2010) I was speaking to another hair loss researcher and he showed me the results of an experiment he was conducting using topical IGF-1. I was amazed by the results. So I stole his idea! That’s kind of how research works. We’re always stealing eachothers ideas and incorporating them with our own.
Anyway, here is where it started to get good.
I researched the use of topical IGF-1 for hair loss and realized I could use it to massively increase the results of my Alternation Method.
At the time research was going on at the Perelmen School of Medicine on IGF-1. I checked it out and realized they were doing something similar to me and getting remarkable hair regrowth results. The problem for them was they’d need to do years of testing on mice or rats before they started testing on humans. I didn’t have that problem!
So I tested it on myself. The science behind the method is completely harmless, so I wasn’t worried in the slightest.

The breakthrough

I realized that when you midly damage the scalp skin, then increase IGF-1 in the scalp, the scalp skin begins to develop new hair matrix cells.
The more you do it, the more hair matrix cells develop.
More research on the damage/heal method was going on at the Division of Molecular Neurbiology. It concurred exactly with what I was finding.
And a lab in Japan had discovered the same thing:
Dr Kenji Okajima hair loss expert

The growth factor is also produced in the hair follicle and promotes hair growth by proliferating keratinocytes, thereby improving alopecia. IGF-1 is decreased due to any reasons such as stress and aging, which induces hair loss. Therefore, promotion of IGF-I production by the safe method is critical for maintenance of normal hair growth and also for restoration of hair growing power in patients with alopecia. Dr. Okajima, Nagoya City University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan.

Through my website, which gets 200,000 visits per month, I recruited 1000 volunteers to test the method.

It works