Best Thermal Heat Caps for Hair Regrowth - How to Stop Hair Loss

Best Thermal Heat Caps for Hair Regrowth

improving blood circulation in the scalp helps with hair growth because hair receives the nutrients it needs to grow via the blood stream. A thermal heat cap for your head works by gently heating up your scalp so that scalp circulation is improved and blood is sent to the hair, thus sending nutrients to your hair to help it grow. It may seem like a silly or gimmicky kind of product, but the truth is this method of improving hair growth really works. In this list we have microwavable and electronic heat caps.

Instructions for Using a Heat Cap

If you have a microwavable cap, microwave for the specified time and temperature setting and fir the cap on your head. If you have an electronic heat cap turn the device on and place on your head as instructed. Now sit back and relax for around twenty minutes or as instructed. The heat cap will heat up your scalp causing blood to flow to your hair. The blood will carry nutrients and oxygen to your hair helping it grow. To improve the effectiveness of the heat cap consume healthy nutritious foods several hours before using the heat cap.

Tips for maximizing nutrient flow to your hair

Several hours before using the heat cap drink an organic green drink, then eat a meal that is rich in B vitamins and vitamin C — try to include foods from this list of foods highest in B vitamins and this list of foods highest in vitamin C. The B vitamins help the body grow healthy skin and hair and vitamin C helps promote a healthy circulatory system — these are both key to promoting healthy hair growth. So a good example would be to have a green drink before dinner, then eat muscles with a tomato sauce and herbs.]]>