The BEST way to get LONG hair –

The BEST way to get LONG hair

How to get long hair

It takes time to get long and luscious hair, and it can get incredibly frustrating at times. Spending hours a day searching online for amazing remedies to help your hair grow can get frustrating too, so look no further. Here are some of the best tips we have found to work.

Hair Trims

Hair trims are simply a waste of money. If you have split ends, you will need a slight hair trim. But there is a known myth that a hair trim helps your hair grow. This is false, ignore this.
On top of this, don’t brush your hair using a hair brush. Instead, try using a comb. A hair brush will push any split ends up your hair towards your roots, whereas a comb does not.


Vitamins are important to your body and are also important to growing your hair. Vitamins E tablets will help provide the other vitamins that are needed to keep your hair healthy and continue growing. Cod liver oil pills are also a very helpful and help keep your hair healthy, they also add a nice shine to your hair!
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Heat Protection

Use a heat protection lotion. Studies have shown that heat can damage your hair. This includes natural sunlight, or even blow drying your hair. To add on to this, only dry your hair using a towel and never blow dry. It may save you some time but it will cause your hair to be damaged. Applying heat protection lotion will help prevent this damage.

Hair Masks

Hair masks work incredibly well. It will help you get out of the middle hair stage where your hair tends to grow a lot slower. Hair masks can consist of egg yolks or coconut oils.