How to Blow Dry Your Hair Straight - How to Stop Hair Loss

How to Blow Dry Your Hair Straight

It can be frustrating trying to get your hair straight, especially if you have frizzy hair. So start your day by washing your hair as you normally would, and letting it dry naturally. Once your hair is about half dry, apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair unless your hair is already very silky and smooth. Mostly apply it to the ends of your hair, but make sure you rub it in to as much of your hair as possible.
When it comes to blow drying your hair, you will be working with your hair in sections so clip whichever side you aren’t blow drying at the time, and clip it up to the top of your hair.
When you are blow drying the other side, take it in sections. Wrap each section around a hair brush and blow dry it as it unwraps from your brush. Do this with every section and when it comes to the other side of your hair, do the exact same although don’t clip it up to the top of your hair otherwise you will undo the work you have just done. Carefully do the same to the back of your hair too.
The next step is your bangs. Brush your bangs forward and wrap them around the brush afterwards, and repeat the method from before while unwrapping them from your brush. Once you’ve done that, brush your bangs to whichever side you want them to be.
The final step is to apply a small amount of oil to your hair and massaging it deep into your scalp as well as the tips of your hair. Now that you’re done, you can enjoy your beautiful straight hair.