Briogeo Volumizer Spray Reviews -

Briogeo Volumizer Spray Reviews

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Last updated: Feb 19, 2020

What it is

Briogeo Hair Volumizer Spray
This product is a spray which focuses on adding more volume to your hair and can be used a safe alternative for dry shampoo. Once it has been used on damp hair and has dried, results will be seen instantly.

How it works

The volumizer spray is designed to thicken hair by soaking up any excess oils as the scalp produces them through the use of a unique ingredient maltodextrin (a natural sugar starch).

Reasons for choosing it

  • The formula is created without parabens or sulfates
  • The product does not focus on any other hair aspects and focuses on adding more volume to your hair by thickening it among other things
  • Includes Biotin
  • The spray contains both ginger and ginseng which are proven to support the natural blood flow within the scalp, which ultimately promotes healthy follicle growth.