Brittany Balyn - How to Stop Hair Loss

Brittany Balyn

On both YouTube, and in real life, she is known as Brittany Balyn!

What’s Brittany’s Channels About?

Brittany’s YouTube channel focuses on Hairstyles, Beauty, and sometimes Fashion. Each month she will produce a video describing her favourite Hairstyles from that month, as well as some of her favourite clothing styles. Brittany has been a part of the YouTube community since the 2007. Since she joined and started posting regular videos, she has successfully gained over 370,000 subscribers as well as reaching well over 30,000,000 video views! Posting between 2 and 3 times a week, Brittany’s videos go in depth on her unique hairstyles and skin care routines, as well as how she gets her hair how it is. The insight she provides her viewers with gives them all of the details that they need to replicate Brittany’s looks.]]>