Bruce Willis with Hair (Photos): Before He Was Bald -

Bruce Willis with Hair (Photos): Before He Was Bald

This may shock my younger readers, but Bruce Willis did indeed once have a full thick head of hair. Some of you may have never seen it though.

Fear not! Here is every picture of Bruce Willis with hair that I could find…

Stop right there! For anyone losing your hair, the below two photos are an important lesson for you!

Notice that when Bruce Willis has slightly longer hair it looked absolutely terrible:

bruce willis with hair looks terrible

He looks way older. But then, when he shaved the back and sides really short and spiked up the hair on top…

bruce willis shaven hair on sides spiky-on top

It’s frankly mind-boggling how much better he looks with a different hair cut. It’s the difference between looking like a mortgage broker and a movie star. I’m still baffled by it to be honest. Makes me think I should get a hair cut like this and become a world famous movie star. I think it must be that simple.

So, the conclusion to this section of the article is if you have very thin hair, shave the sides like this, it looks way better.

Let’s examine some older pictures of a young Bruce Willis with hair.

Young Bruce Willis with thick long hair

bruce willis young with thick long hair

It’s safe to say this is not a good look on Bruce — or probably anyone. I have no idea why this hairstyle was so popular back in the seventies.

Bruce Willis with a receding hair line


Bruce Willis is one of those rare guys who actually seems to look better with a receding hair line. I’m not sure how that works. Maybe we should attempt to copy this style.

This is a terrible look:

bruce willis with hair

Bruce Willis at college with hair

This is also quite a terrible look:

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bruce willis at college with hair

The secret to looking good if you’re Bruce Willis

I’ve clearly learned the secret to how to look really good looking. It’s to have hair like this:


Every other look is completely terrible.

bruce-willis young with thick hair


Conclusions and lessons learned

I’ve learned a valuable lesson today while analysing the hairstyles of Bruce Willis. Thank you Bruce for teaching us meager mortals this vital lesson: if you want to be a good looking movie star all you need to do is shave your hair on the back and sides and spike it up on top. It is that simple. No need for acting schools or famous relatives. Just do this.