Calcipotriol for Hair Loss: Research, Results and How to Use It –

Calcipotriol for Hair Loss: Research, Results and How to Use It

I’ve just reviewed a report showing incredible hair growth results from use of topical Calcipotriol. Check it out…

Calcipotriol (also known as calcipotriene) is a synthetic form of vitamin D3. It is used as a topical medication primarily for the treatment of psoriasis, a chronic skin condition characterized by red, scaly patches on the skin. Calcipotriol is particularly effective in treating psoriasis by helping to regulate the growth and development of skin cells.

The hair growth connection

Vitamin D is a hormone that can bind with receptors in hair follicles. A lack of vitamin D receptors has been associated with reduced hair growth.

From the study

An 8 year old boy with sudden rapid hair loss was treated with topical Calcipotriol. Here are the results:


Source: NCBI.

Seems like mind blowing results, but this may have been due to a vitamin D deficiency. That said it demonstrates the power that just one single treatment can have on hair growth, if the correct treatment is found for the the problem. This is a lesson for anyone trying to regrow their hair: try to determine the precise cause of your hair loss.

To do that you need to systematically work your way through all of the possible causes of hair loss, making sure each of them is fixed one by one.